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Machining Nickel Plated Hand Screws Knurled Hand Adjusting Screws 3/4 5/8 1/2-13

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: screw screw connectio...

Pin riveting is an important procedure in the production process. At first, people used manual work, which has low production efficiency, high production cost, and high defect rate of products produced. Later, a pin riveting machine appeared. The pin riveting machine is a For riveting and pinning of hardware products, the pin riveting machine can complete the operation of pin loading and riveting pins, and the pin riveting machine reduces the process of pin loading and riveting pins in the hardware production process. However, its structural design is unreasonable and the operation is very inconvenient

The rivet nut is a kind of nut applied to thin plate or sheet metal. The principle is to press the embossed teeth into the preset holes of the sheet metal. Generally, the diameter of the square preset holes is slightly smaller than the embossed teeth of the pressure riveting nut. The periphery of the hole is plastically deformed, and the deformed object is squeezed into the guide groove, thereby producing a locking effect. The pressure riveting nut is divided into free-cutting steel pressure riveting nut S type, stainless steel pressure riveting nut type CLS, stainless iron pressure riveting nut SP type and copper and aluminum pressure riveting nut CLA type, which should be used in different environments. . Generally speaking, the national standard domestic products without rivet nuts from M2 to M12 are PEM specifications, which are usually produced in chassis cabinets and sheet metal industries.

rivet nut is a tool for riveting nuts, which can be used for riveting the nut to a sheet and has a wide range of uses. Most of the existing rivet nuts have a double-handled structure, which is complicated in structure and high in cost; and the double-handled structure generally requires both hands to operate due to the large distance between the two handles, which is inconvenient to operate. Technical realization elements: In order to solve the above technical problems, Yueluo provides a rivet nut with simple structure, low cost and convenient operation. The technical solution adopted by Yueluo is: including a fixed body, a sliding body, a guide sleeve, a nut, a hollow screw and a handle;

There is a standard for the outer hexagon bolt standard, which is a grade standard, which is divided into grade 4.8 and grade 8.8. These two levels are used a lot in the market. Especially grade 4.8 hex head bolts. Because it is much cheaper than 8.8 hex bolts. Of course it is more widely used. But for demanding products. Because of its high requirements in various aspects such as hardness. This requires the use of 8.8 hex bolts. Grade 8.8 hex bolts are harder in terms of hardness and screw torque. It is safer to use the product. Tighter and more stable.

Most of the blind hole installation rivets have the characteristics of light weight, reliable connection, high strength, and convenient and quick installation. For example, blind rivets have been widely used in various aerospace vehicles.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: combination bolts, hexagonal cold pier screws, non-standard pins, three-piece fish scale expansion pipe screws and other products, we can provide you with suitable products for you fastener solutions.

Knurled Hand Tightening Adjusting Screw

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