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Customized galvanized round head three combination screw cross pan head with gasket spring washer bolt GB9074.8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: hand screw star screw...

However, Yueluo still feels that there should be room for improvement for the screw improvement and screw that integrates stability, labor, fast and multi-function in the above two cases; for example, No. 556784 screw improvement Although the rod has the function of cutting and collecting chips, when the screw starts to screw into the object such as wood, it is hindered by the hardness of the object's tissue, so the staff still needs to exert considerable force, resulting in the lock. In the solid operation, there is still a lack of difficulty in screwing in operation; another example, new cases such as No. 289410 screw that integrates locking, stability, labor, fast and multi-function, although the rod has the structural function of cutting and chip removal, it is The rod part is screwed into the middle section to the rear section of the object. Since the debris cannot be discharged, the rod part pushes the outer part of the object to the surrounding tissue of the object, so that the object expands outwards and even seriously damages the appearance of the object.

In order to achieve the above purpose, Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. discloses a tamper-proof nut, which includes an upper part, a lower part, and an inner threaded hole penetrating the upper part and the lower part. The cross section of the inner threaded hole is circular, so the The lower part is an equilateral triangle cylinder, and the apex of the equilateral triangle cylinder has an arc structure, and the arc structure includes a left arc part and a right arc part with the angle bisector as the center of symmetry, and the lower part has an arc structure. A tamper-proof portion protruding from the lower surface is formed, and the tamper-proof portion is arranged at the left arc portion or the right arc portion.

through-hole mounting nut, comprising a hexagonal portion 1 and a cylindrical portion 2, a threaded hole 3 is provided between the hexagonal portion 1 and the cylindrical portion 2, and two grooves 4 are opened on the cylindrical portion 2, and each of the two sides of the groove 4 has a The raised side 5, the two sides protruding from the sheet metal part 7, if squeezed or hit by the bolt 8, it will bend to both sides and buckle on the sheet metal part, so that it is not welded directly. Rubber can also be used. Each of the upper surfaces of the side edges 5 is provided with a convex point 6 so that the hammer will not slip when hitting.

Two-combination screw refers to a screw and a flat washer, or a spring washer, or a square washer, or a two-piece combination with an external tooth lock washer. Then there are all the standard types of two combination screws! The following is a brief introduction: 1. The second combination screw with spring washer refers to the combination screw with a spring washer. The spring washer is a spring washer specially used for combination screws, not the ordinary spring washer that we usually use. 2. The two-combination screw of the trim pad refers to the combination screw of the screw with a flat pad. The size of the flat pad and the thickness of the flat pad can be customized. Can be customized according to customer requirements. Flat pads are punched out by punching machines. 3. The combination screw with two external teeth refers to the screw with an external tooth combination screw. Many customers, especially electric power customers, use this external tooth two combination screw to break the paint and make the screws on the iron plate. All can be powered on. 4. Two combination screws with a square pad refer to a square pad with a square pressure line for the screw. This square pad crimping two combination screw is used on the terminal, and the function is used for crimping and wiring.

4. Manufacturing and assembly Due to the limitations of manufacturing technology and accuracy, there are sharp corners on the edge of the thread or the dimensional coordination between parts is not coordinated. During the initial assembly, the screw-in and screw-out torque may fluctuate or fluctuate to a certain extent. After a certain number of running-in, more accurate reusability characteristics of the lock nut can be obtained.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: carbon steel galvanized screws of various specifications, DIN434, fish scale gecko screws, screws and nuts Daquan and other products, we can provide you with suitable fasteners for you solution.

Three combination screws

Customized galvanized round head

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