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Supply black cross round head with cushion self-tapping screw with medium 304 stainless steel pan head pointed tail screw

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: round nut, 125 fine t...

With the development of science and technology, human construction technology has also continued to improve. In terms of tools used in construction, it is constantly innovating and bringing forth new ideas, in order to enable personnel operating on construction sites to work more safely and efficiently; among them, screws The belt has become an indispensable auxiliary tool in the construction industry, especially for those who need to operate in a more dangerous high position. With the assistance of a nailing machine and a screw belt, it is quite convenient to screw together. Locked work to improve work safety and efficiency.

National standard lock nut GB/T 6182-2000 Type 2 non-metallic insert hexagonal lock nut. GB/T 6183.1-2000 Non-metallic insert hexagonal flange lock nuts. GB/T 6183.2-2000 Non-metallic insert hexagonal flange lock nuts - fine pitch. GB/T 6184-2000 Type 1 All-Metal Hexagon Lock Nuts. GB/T 6185.1-2000 Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts. GB/T 6185.2-2000 Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts with fine teeth. GB/T 6186-2000 Type 2 All-Metal Hexagon Lock Nuts Grade 9. GB/T 6187.1-2000 All-metal hexagonal flange lock nuts. GB/T 6187.2-2000 All-metal hexagonal flange lock nut with fine teeth. GB/T 889.1-2000 Type 1 non-metallic insert hexagon lock nuts. GB/T 889.2-2000 Type 1 non-metallic insert hexagonal lock nut fine pitch.

When using a rivet nut, drill a hole corresponding to the outer diameter of the rivet nut on the thin wall, then place the rivet nut on the bolt of the special rivet gun, push the handle to screw in the rivet nut, and put it into the drilled hole. In the workpiece, squeeze the handle, the rivet nut expands, and the deformed skirt bulges and deforms. At this time, the workpiece is tightened. After riveting, the handle is pulled out, the bolt is released from the rivet nut, and the corresponding screw is screwed into the rivet nut threaded hole. , forming a tight riveted body.

On the other hand, especially in the aerospace field, the requirements for the sealing effect of screws are extremely strict, and the traditional screws are directly tightened when screwed into the workpiece or equipment, and the sealing effect is determined by the tightness, but due to the machining error of the workpiece or equipment The direct butt seal between the seals is difficult to achieve.

rivet nut is a tool for riveting nuts, which can be used for riveting the nut to a sheet and has a wide range of uses. Most of the existing rivet nuts have a double-handled structure, which is complicated in structure and high in cost; and the double-handled structure generally requires both hands to operate due to the large distance between the two handles, which is inconvenient to operate. Technical realization elements: In order to solve the above technical problems, Yueluo provides a rivet nut with simple structure, low cost and convenient operation. The technical solution adopted by Yueluo is: including a fixed body, a sliding body, a guide sleeve, a nut, a hollow screw and a handle;

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: trimmed external hexagon machine screws, DIN6915 hexagon nuts, cross recessed bolts, BS1769 hexagon slotted nuts and other products, we can provide you with The right fastener solution for you.

Self-tapping with pad

Supply black cross head

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