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Customized black slotted screw slotted knurled flat head screw with anti-slip machine tooth screw black 1/2-13

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: WN14315 four-point two-po...

Earless retaining ring (known as Constant Section Rings abroad) is also called constant section retaining ring, because the cross section is equal, and there is no ear part protruding from the traditional stamping retaining ring, so it is called earless retaining ring. Earless retaining ring and spiral retaining ring have similarities in production, processing and use characteristics. They are both flattened and wound by steel wire. After heat treatment and surface treatment, they have good elasticity and toughness. Earless retaining ring is divided into two types: shaft use and hole use, and there are various forms of tail ends to choose from. The application of earless retaining ring is the same as that of traditional C-type retaining ring, which is widely used in hydraulic parts assembly, valves, instruments, various lock core components, needle roller bearings, pulleys, connectors, quick connectors and other mechanical assemblies.

Applications Automotive industry -- cars, trucks, buses, compressors, construction machinery, wind power equipment, fasteners, fasteners, agricultural machinery, foundry industry, drilling equipment, shipbuilding industry, military mining equipment, oil drilling rigs (onshore or offshore), public utilities, rail transit drives System metallurgical equipment rock hammer

Fastening of such functional elements in flat gaskets is usually achieved by additional measures or by a special design of an additional, functional layer adjacent to the carrier layer, or by a special design of the parts to be sealed. Fastening the functional elements in this way is laborious and expensive, and is only possible for special gasket designs.

The rubber ring and the metal ring are integrally bonded and vulcanized. It is a sealing ring used to seal the thread and flange connection. The ring includes a metal ring and a rubber gasket. The metal ring is rust-proof, and the rubber ring is generally made of oil-resistant nitrile rubber or fluororubber. Combination pads are available in metric and inch sizes, and the standard JB982-77 specifies the combination of metal pads and rubber. Combination sealing washer is used for threaded pipe joints and screw plug sealing. It is generally used with ferrule type pipe joints to block oil ports. It is mainly used for end face static sealing of threaded joints of hydraulic valve pipe joints. It is suitable for British and American standards. Inch thread and end face static seal at French and German standard metric thread connections, etc. The combined sealing gasket can be divided into A type and B type according to the structure; it can be divided into full package and half package according to the difference of rubber.

door cover structure with hidden screws includes a glass panel, an inner door cover, a computer board and a sealing strip, an adhesive bracket is adhered to the back of the glass panel, the inner door cover is fixedly connected with the adhesive bracket through screws, and the computer board is arranged on the glass panel. In the cavity formed by the panel and the inner door cover, the inner door cover is provided with a sealing slot, the sealing strip is embedded in the sealing slot, and the bottom of the sealing slot is provided with a mounting hole for the screw to pass through, and the glue The bracket is provided with a fixing hole matched with a screw thread, and the screw passes through the installation hole of the inner door cover and is threadedly connected with the fixing hole of the adhesive bracket, so as to fixedly connect the inner door cover and the glass panel. The screw is hidden in the sealing groove of the door cover, and is sealed with water through the sealing strip. The appearance is beautiful, easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can effectively protect the screw from rust.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: special nuts, all kinds of square nuts, GB117, sets of complete flat spring washers combination ISO7380 and other products, we can provide you with suitable fasteners for you solution.

Slotted Knurled Flat Head Screws

Custom Black Slotted Screws

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