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Customized American standard one-word anti-theft screw one-way one-word self-tapping pointed tail anti-removal screw 3/8 5/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: cup head hexagon sock...

Referring to Figure 1, one end of the existing insert nut 1' is embedded in the injection molded part 2', and the other end is exposed to the injection molded part 2'. The insert nut 1' has opposite lower and upper end surfaces in the axial direction. The end face of one end of the insert injection molded part 2' is the lower end face. In order to reduce the resistance during hot pressing, the connection between the inner wall surface and the lower end surface of the insert nut 1 ′ is provided with an inclined surface. However, when the embedded nut 1' of this structure is hot-pressed, the hot melted glue will generate a shunt that rises along the slope, and then a convex peak is formed in the screw hole of the embedded nut 1', and the convex peak occupies the screw. The space in the hole prevents the screw 5' from being completely screwed in; at the same time, due to the shunting of the hot solder, the knurling of the inner nut 1' near the upper end face cannot be filled with the solder, which makes the inner nut 1' and the inner nut 1' and The injection part 2' is not firmly embedded. Therefore, the locking strength of the existing insert nut 1 ′ and the screw 5 ′ after being hot-pressed is relatively low.

As shown in Figures 1 and 2, Yueluo is an automatic locking screw. From bottom to top, there are screw head 1 with external thread, screw rod and nut 3. The screw rod is a hollow screw rod 2, and the hollow screw There are long holes 7 on both sides of the rod 2, the width of the long hole 7 is smaller than the inner diameter of the hollow screw rod 2, and a spring 4 is arranged in the inner cavity of the hollow screw rod 2, and the spring 4 is not smaller than the hollow screw rod 2 in the free extension state. The upper end of the spring 4 is provided with a plug 5, the distance between the two wings 6 of the plug 5 is greater than the diameter of the nut 3, and the two wings 6 of the plug 5 protrude out of the hollow screw rod 2 through the long hole 7. When using the Yueluo, you only need to compress the spring through the two wings, insert the U-shaped clip after the neutral position is exposed, and then release the two wings, the spring will automatically return and compress the U-shaped clip, which is easy to use, safe and reliable. Claim 7. A self-locking screw, from bottom to top, is a screw head, a screw rod and a nut provided with an external thread, characterized in that the screw rod is a hollow screw rod, and both sides of the hollow screw rod are respectively provided with Long hole, the width of the long hole is smaller than the inner diameter of the hollow screw rod, the inner cavity of the hollow screw rod is provided with a spring, the upper end of the spring is provided with a plug, and the two wings of the plug protrude out of the hollow screw rod through the long hole.

Most of the electroplating used for rivet nuts on the market is environmental protection blue zinc, because the salt spray test time of environmental protection blue zinc can reach 72 hours, that is, three days. This kind of electroplating has a longer salt spray resistance time. In fact, for example, for electroplating white nickel, the salt spray time of white nickel is relatively short, and it usually rusts in a few hours, which is less than 10 hours. However, some can be oiled for electroplating white nickel, and the salt spray time of the rivet nut after oiling can be longer. S series rivet nuts are made of free-cutting iron, which is treated after heat treatment. CLS series rivet nuts are made of easy-to-cut stainless steel. The hardness of low-carbon steel plates without surface treatment must be less than 70RB, and the hardness of stainless steel plates must be less than 80RB.

Standard screw is one of the fasteners commonly used for fastening and assembly. Standard screws and flat washers, grade A, and standard spring washers, are used in combination, and are widely used in the assembly of various products. For manufacturers who use combination screws in small and medium batches, the process of combining screws, spring washers and flat washers generally adopts the method of assembling screws by workers' bare hands. This method is tedious and repetitive, wastes human resources, is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is difficult to ensure the normal operation of the workshop. assembly progress. The screw assembly machines currently on the market can replace manual assembly screws, but this type of equipment has disadvantages such as bulky size, high cost, complex structure, inconvenient non-standard manufacturing and maintenance, high noise, and power consumption.

As one of the screws, self-tapping screws can directly drill holes on the plate to be fixed by themselves and lock them together with the plate to be fixed. They are easy to use and have a good fixing effect, so they are widely used. However, in the prior art, when the screw is perforated on the plate to be fixed, it is prone to skew, which affects the fixing effect and also reduces the aesthetics. To sum up, how to overcome the above-mentioned defects of the screw fixing method in the prior art is a technical problem to be solved urgently by those skilled in the art.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: butterfly female hand nuts, black T-shaped screws, internal hexagon nuts, mechanical fastening screws and other products, we can provide you with suitable products for you. fastener solutions.

One-way one-word self-tapping sharp tail

Customized American standard anti-theft screws

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