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Production of flat end set screws Allen headless screws 1/2-13 1/4-20 3/4

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: aluminum countersunk ...

A double-nut self-locking fastener includes bolts, nuts, nuts, and elastic gaskets that can produce plastic deformation under pressure; the nut and the bolt are connected by threads, and one end of the nut is provided with an external thread; There is an inner thread in one end, and the inner thread of the nut and the outer thread of the nut constitute a thread pair; the other end of the nut is provided with a through hole, and the bolt passes through the through hole of the nut; when the nut and the nut are installed and tightened, the elastic gasket is located in the nut. between the bolt and the nut; a notch for cutting off the thread is arranged on the circumference of the bolt thread; the direction of the notch is parallel to the axial direction of the bolt.

Further, the clamping mechanism includes two clamping plates placed between the two fixing blocks, a bearing seat is installed on one side of each of the clamping plates, a bearing is installed inside the bearing seat, and the bearing is The inner ring is snap-connected with an elastic adjustment screw, and the other end of the elastic adjustment screw penetrates the fixing block and is placed outside the fixing block.

T-bolts for channel steel usually include a head and a shank. The shank is provided with threads. Traditional T-bolts for channel steel are used for channel steel, and both channel steel and bolts are made of steel. , the two are prone to thermal expansion and contraction due to changes in the external ambient temperature, and are prone to loosening, resulting in unstable connections.

Countersunk head screw, also called countersunk head screw, also known as flat machine screw, is a kind of construction part. The head is a 90-degree cone, similar to common wood screws. The head has tool tightening grooves, such as a zigzag, cross, inner hexagon, plum blossom, pentagon, etc. Screws are all connectors used to connect two objects. Generally, the head of the screw will protrude above the surface of the object to be connected, so that the surface will lose its smoothness. Countersunk head screws can be sunk under the surface to make the surface flat. For hard objects, countersunk holes need to be drilled in the corresponding positions of the countersunk head. In short, the countersunk head is the head of the screw that can keep the surface flat after installation.

Existing bolt pairs usually include bolts, nuts and washers, and their specific structures and usage methods are traditionally known and common in life. They will not be described in detail here. You can find relevant bolt pairs by searching for bolt pairs on the Internet. Information picture, the structure of the ordinary bolt pair has basically no structural improvement since it was used as a fastener. The production requirements of ordinary bolt pairs are the basic material, structural strength, and accuracy requirements, while the tightening and anti-loosening requirements The requirements of the effect are basically to achieve the problem of tightening and anti-loosening by using elastic washers, anti-loosening washers or using double nuts.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: screw nuts and nuts, large head shrink rods, slotted nuts, national standard lifting ring screws and other products, we can provide you with suitable fastener solutions for you .

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