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Processing copper insert nut injection molding copper nut copper embedded part copper knurled nut copper flower mother

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: carbon steel natural ...

The existing open-type blind rivets are widely used, usually composed of an iron rivet shell and an iron or stainless steel mandrel. During the riveting process, the open-type rivets are often unstable and biased due to the unsteady breaking force of the mandrel. When the foam is riveted, the nail head is directly pulled into the foam layer to damage the product structure. And there may be safety hazards such as scratching the operator during the installation process due to the exposed nail core. At the same time, due to the expansion of the rivet shell hole, the nail head will be loose inside.

Sometimes, the iron screws are often seen broken, and sometimes, the stainless steel screws are also seen broken. But generally speaking, stainless steel screws rarely break. Because the stainless steel screw wire itself is relatively hard. But under certain circumstances, stainless steel screws can still break. So what are the main reasons for stainless steel screws to break? The reasons for the fracture of stainless steel screws are as follows: 1. The quality of raw materials used for stainless steel screws is poor, and the quality of stainless steel screws is not good. There are many impurities, impure, resulting in insufficient hardness of stainless steel screws. 2. The production process of stainless steel screws. For example, stainless steel screws with eccentric head and eccentricity, and the Q value is too deep and the R position design is too small during the down punching operation during production. 3. The customer uses too much force when using stainless steel screws. Generally, you do a torque test to see how much the minimum breaking force is, and then adjust the torque. Of course, stainless steel screws must be broken for more than three reasons. But the above three reasons are the main reasons for the fracture of stainless steel screws. When the stainless steel screw is found to be broken, it can be checked step by step. Find out what's causing it.

The flange nut and the general hexagon nut are basically the same in size and thread specification, but compared with the hexagon nut, the gasket and the nut are integrated, and there are anti-skid tooth patterns on the bottom, which increases the nut and the workpiece. Compared with the combination of ordinary nut and washer, it is stronger and has greater tensile force. In some equipment with large vibration amplitude, due to the action of huge vibration force, the flange nut is prone to loosening, which often occurs. If the flange nut falls off the equipment or even damages, the staff also needs to install the flange nut repeatedly, which increases the labor intensity and brings great inconvenience to the use. Now a split type tightening nut is proposed.

Axle card is a kind of hole-to-hole movement installed on a slotted shaft and used as a fixed component. The inner diameter of this type of retaining ring is slightly smaller than the diameter of the assembly shaft. Application No. 201621153710.9 discloses a shaft card assembly device, including a feeding mechanism, a material distribution mechanism, a material reclaiming mechanism and an assembling mechanism. The feeding mechanism is connected with the feeding mechanism. The reclaiming mechanism includes a reclaiming tool and a servo system for driving the movement of the reclaiming tool. One end of the reclaiming tool is provided with a c-shaped opening, and an incision connected with the c-shaped opening is provided. The assembling mechanism includes a carrier for fixing the parts to be loaded and a turntable, and the carrier is mounted on the turntable. In the above shaft card assembly device, after the feeding mechanism completes the feeding, the material distribution mechanism separates the shaft card to a specific position with a fixed attitude, and then the private server drives the reclaiming tool to clamp the shaft card and assemble it to the pre-fixed by the assembly mechanism. on the fitting. During the assembly process, the manual workload is small, the efficiency is high, and the labor intensity is small. At the same time, the c-shaped opening and the cutout at the end of the reclaiming tool are designed to effectively form an elastic force to clamp the clamping shaft card and absorb the assembly process. The resulting outward deformation force avoids the plastic deformation of the shaft card due to the large external force.

In the automobile industry, it is often necessary to install bolts at the opening of a closed cavity to fix and connect other parts. However, the diameter of the opening of the closed cavity is often larger than that of the head of the bolt, so it is necessary to set a strip-shaped spacer on the head of the bolt, so that the spacer can penetrate the opening longitudinally, and then block the opening horizontally, so as to be stuck with an upside-down buckle. Bolt head. However, since the bolt body of the bolt has a certain length, the manual vertical and horizontal turning operation after the strip spacer penetrates the opening is very difficult, and it is easy to drop the bolt and the spacer into the airtight cavity together, which greatly increases the assembly time. Increased labor costs.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: hardware rigging rings, washers, manganese steel split pins, hexagonal wood screws and other products, we can provide you with suitable fastener solutions for you Program.

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