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Supply copper pad copper gasket washer copper sealing ring 3/4 5/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: 62 copper bolts, flat...

Most of the electroplating used for rivet nuts on the market is environmental protection blue zinc, because the salt spray test time of environmental protection blue zinc can reach 72 hours, that is, three days. This kind of electroplating has a longer salt spray resistance time. In fact, for example, for electroplating white nickel, the salt spray time of white nickel is relatively short, and it usually rusts in a few hours, which is less than 10 hours. However, some can be oiled for electroplating white nickel, and the salt spray time of the rivet nut after oiling can be longer. S series rivet nuts are made of free-cutting iron, which is treated after heat treatment. CLS series rivet nuts are made of easy-to-cut stainless steel. The hardness of low-carbon steel plates without surface treatment must be less than 70RB, and the hardness of stainless steel plates must be less than 80RB.

How to use, what is a rivet nut? Usually, rivet nuts used inside elevators are used to install some kind of screws when installing various parts on cars or individual boards on aviation. Commonly used places are very important connection parts, so the choice of rivet nut material is very important. How to use the rivet nut? Let's watch it together. Rivet nuts are used in the fixing fields of various metal plates, pipes and other manufacturing industries, and are widely used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products such as automobiles, aviation, railways, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, and decoration. It is designed to solve the shortcomings of sheet metal, thin-walled pipe welding nut, substrate welding deformation, internal thread taper, etc. It does not require internal thread, welding nut, rivet efficiency, and is easy to use.

The front wall sound insulation pad is used to absorb the heat and noise transmitted by the firewall, and also plays the role of heat insulation and vibration isolation, ensuring a relatively quiet and comfortable environment in the car and improving ride comfort. As shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 , the front wall sound insulation and heat insulation pad 101 is generally fixed to the vehicle body by means of screw buckles 102 . The screws 100 are clamped by the clamping feet 103 in the screw The limiting rib 104 clamps the screw 100. After the screw 100 is clamped into the screw buckle 102, the tail end of the screw 100 is exposed, which is easy to scratch the operator when assembling other components, and the exposed screw 100 is easy to cause corrosion, thereby affecting the connection strength of the screw 100, and also The service life of the screw 107 is reduced.

The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this standard, constitute provisions of this standard, and at the time of publication of this standard, the editions indicated were valid. All standards are subject to revision and parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest edition of the following standards. GB/T90-1985 Fasteners Acceptance Inspection, Marking and Packaging -1985 Cross recessed screws GB/T1237-2000 Fastener marking method GB/T3098.1-2000 Mechanical properties of fasteners Bolts, screws and studs GB/T3098.6-2000 Mechanical properties of fasteners, stainless steel bolts, Screws and studs GB/T3098.10-1993 Mechanical properties of fasteners Bolts, screws, studs and nuts made of non-ferrous metals GB/T3103.1-1982 Fastener tolerances Bolts, screws and nuts GB/T3106-1982 Bolts , The nominal length of screws and studs and the thread length of ordinary bolts -2000 Fastener surface defect bolts, screws and studs, general requirements GB/T16938-1997 Fastener bolts, screws. Studs and nuts general technical conditions

Screws are a kind of fasteners commonly used in machinery, but most of the screws commonly used in the market are standard parts. The screws themselves are ordinary and have no function of preventing loosening and protecting the matrix. Therefore, in order to prevent the screws from loosening during use , Usually it is necessary to configure additional elastic washers, flat washers, etc. that are suitable for screws, and these elastic washers and flat washers are mostly metal products. During use, it is easy to wear with the body base and damage the protection of the sheet metal base. After long-term use, metal washers are easy to rust, which affects the tightening effect and appearance of screws. In addition, the use of metal washers not only increases the weight and cost, but also the assembly process is complicated and cumbersome, and the anti-loosening and anti-wear effects are not ideal. .

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: GBT13 screws, nylon spacers, auto parts bolts, nuts with baffles and other products, we can provide you with suitable fastener solutions for you .

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