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Why are stainless steel screws magnetic?

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Summary of information:Why are stainless steel screws magnetic?

Friends who know the fastener industry know that iron screws are magnetic, while stainless steel screws are slightly magnetic. Since it is weakly magnetic, can the stainless steel screw eliminate the magnetism? Let's take a look with the Yueluo stainless steel screw manufacturer:

Ordinary stainless steel screws (take austenitic stainless steel as an example), the microstructure will be transformed into martensite during production, resulting in micro-magnetism, so the produced screws have magnetism. In some use environments, the screws must not be magnetic at all, and non-magnetic screws are required. At this time, we need to spend some effort on degaussing.

Generally speaking, our common method is to do high-temperature solution treatment for stainless steel screws to ash the austenite structure on the inner surface of the screw, so as to demagnetize the magnetism and obtain stainless steel non-magnetic screws. However, it should be noted that the mechanical properties of the screws after the solution treatment will change, such as the lower degree of urethane and the higher toughness. If you have requirements on these points, you must carefully consider whether to do solid solution treatment.

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