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What is the tolerance range of precision screws?

author: Click:6760end source: time:2022-04-17 12:22:02

Summary of information:What is the tolerance range of precision screws?

When we buy products, there are more products than three, so we consider various factors. This is the psychology of ordinary people. As a qualified buyer, when looking for a precision screw manufacturer, I do not know whether this screw can produce screws of this specification, and if so, whether the manufacturer can know a certain region, scale, production tolerances, etc.

So for customers who need to customize precision screws, it is very important to find a precision screw manufacturer with strength, special page, counterpart, and timely delivery. Because for such small screws, not all screw manufacturers can produce them. If the screw size is small, the tolerance of the screw is not well controlled.

Moreover, the tolerance of the screw is very important for the user. Once the tolerance of the screw is not within the range he needs, it may cause the screw to be unusable. The tolerance of precision screws produced by our Yueluo is basically about 0.05mm.

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with many years of customized screw production experience, and will provide suitable fastener solutions according to customers' usage scenarios and performance requirements.