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How to calculate the quotation price for non-standard screws?

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Summary of information:How to calculate the quotation price for non-standard screws?

Friends who know the fastener industry know that for standard screws, the price of the product is basically transparent, so some manufacturers will focus on customized products. The profit of this type of product is relatively high compared to ordinary standard parts, so in such a situation, how to calculate the quoted price for non-standard screws? The following Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. will explain to you:

When a customer asks a non-standard screw manufacturer to quote, the manufacturer needs to get the drawing of the screw or give detailed parameters before quoting. Because non-standard screws are not better than standard ones, you can quote a standard number, requirements, etc. There is no standard size for reference of non-standard screws, so you need to know the parameters of each place. Different parameters will cause different production processes, different models, and different costs. So that's why, when customers ask for custom screws, manufacturers generally ask customers to provide detailed drawings, otherwise they can't quote.

Through the drawings, the non-standard screw manufacturer can clearly know the size of the wire required for the screw forming, whether to re-open the mold, set the punch, what kind of model is used for production, and so on. Or according to the drawings, it will feedback to the customer which parameter is not desirable, what is the reason, and how to improve it. Therefore, drawings are very important for quotation.

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer with many years of experience in custom-made screws, can produce custom-made according to the needs of customers with drawings and samples, and provide you with suitable fastener solutions.