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German Standard Countersunk Head Hexagon Socket Screw Specifications

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Summary of information:German Standard Countersunk Head Hexagon Socket Screw Specifications

In daily machinery, this DIN7991 countersunk head hexagon socket head screw is often used. It mainly has the advantages of easy fastening, disassembly, and not easy to slip angle. Below, Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. will share with you the specific specifications and dimensions of this screw for your reference.

Countersunk head socket head cap screws, some people also call flat head socket head cap screws, the head is not flat, but a 90-degree vertebral body, with a concave hexagon in the center and an inverted triangle. After installation, the head can bite into the installation surface, the head is not exposed, and the installation surface can be kept flat.


There are many angles of countersunk head screws made of Cantonese snails, and the angles used by different products may be different. Commonly used is 90 degrees. There are also various angles such as 60/82/100/110/120 degrees. Assembly actually requires angling the screws. Yueluo can be customized according to customer needs and provide you with suitable fastener solutions.