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Customized carbon steel blue and white zinc BSO blind hole pressure riveting stud pressure riveting nut column hexagonal screw sleeve 3/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: tamper-resistant scre...

new type of screw includes a fixing object and a screw body composed of a nut, a fixing piece and a screw rod. An outer gear ring is fixedly sleeved on the fixing piece, and a support plate is arranged on the lower side of the outer gear ring. The upper side of the support plate is connected with a mounting frame through an adjustment mechanism, the inside of the mounting frame is connected with the outer gear ring through an anti-drop mechanism, and a mounting plate is fixedly connected to the side of the support plate close to the fixed object, and the mounting plate is clamped The coupling mechanism is connected to the fixture.

series of nuts are known in the prior art, generally comprising an internal thread which can be threaded onto the external thread of a screw of corresponding design, or a threaded bolt. Nuts of the described type are used, for example, as nuts for fastening screw-like cable connections in conduits of sheet metal housings. Sheet metal housings of this type typically have walls so thin that they cannot be threaded, so a threaded connection of this type is required to complete the installation.

The standard specifies hexagon head bolts with thread specifications of M3~M64, grades A and B. Grade A is used for bolts with D<=24 and L<=10D or L<=150mm (whichever is smaller); grade B is used for bolts D > 24 or L > 10 D or L > 150 (according to the smaller value) bolt size specification mark: thread specification D = M12, nominal length L = 80mm, performance level is 8.8, the table is the same as oxidation, A level Hexagon head bolt tag example bolt GB / T5782-86-M12 × 80 national standard common hex bolt head on the side size and cooperation national standard wrench thread diameter \ pair of edge sidewalls Skin wrench Wrench Double-ended open-end wrench Double-ended Torx wrench. The outer hexagon bolt is the most frequently used type of bolts. The main function of the external thread it has is to cooperate with the nut. Using this threaded connection method, the two parts are integrated. Grade C hexagon bolts are mainly used in steel structure machinery and equipment with relatively rough surface and low precision requirements. Grade A and Grade B hexagon bolts are mainly used in machinery and equipment with smooth surface and high precision requirements. Most of the stainless steel outer hexagon screws are full-tooth and hexagonal head full-tooth bolts. Standard: DIN933, GB5783, ISO4017, ANSIB18. 2.1, JISB1180; non-full thread bolt standards DIN931, GB5782, ISO4014, ANSIB18.2.1, JISB1180.

When the mold is manufactured, many positioning pins need to be installed to fix the relative position between the two parts. The positioning pins are usually sunk into the positioning pin holes on the mold. Since the mold needs to be pulled out frequently during assembly, in order to Remove the parts and make corrections. At the same time, the mold also needs to pull out the positioning pins during maintenance to remove the damaged parts for maintenance. Therefore, the workload of pulling the pins is large. The existing methods are: 1) When installing the pins, The operator uses a self-made long screw that matches the threaded hole of the pin to screw it into the pin, and then aligns the pin hole with a hammer to hit the screw to make the pin snap in, and then screw the screw out by hand. The disadvantage is: on the one hand, the hammer hits the screw It is easy to cause the screw to be damaged or deformed, and it cannot be used normally. On the other hand, it is labor-intensive to remove the screw by hand and may not be able to be removed; 2) When pulling out the pin, the operator will screw the screw into the pin and use force directly or with pliers To pull out a screw, a few companies use a large pin puller to pull it out. The disadvantage is that it is too laborious and time-consuming to pull out by hand or with pliers. Even if a large pin puller is used, the weight of the pin puller itself is large. , it is inconvenient to use.

When the iron pot is manufactured, the iron head is connected to the iron pot body through rivets, and then the pot handle is set through the iron head, and the iron head connects the pot handle and the iron pot body together. However, when the iron head is installed, the position may be inaccurate. At this time, it is necessary to remove the rivet and reinstall the iron head. At present, the removal of rivets is completely done manually, that is, workers use screwdrivers to unscrew the rivets, which is difficult to remove, wastes a lot of manpower, and has low work efficiency, thereby reducing production efficiency.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: flat washers set external hexagon screws, GB873 percussion rivets, percussion flat cap willow copper air eye button rivets, hexagonal connection nuts and other products, We can provide you with the right fastener solution for you.

BSO blind hole pressure riveting stud

Custom Carbon Steel Blue White Zinc

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