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Processing 304 stainless steel glass bead screw steel ball tight stator spring ball head column machine rice 5/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: GB93 spring washer DIN934...

The grooved embedded parts are usually connected by bolts, and there are many types of T-bolts used with the grooved embedded parts. position, so that the T-bolt can form a stable connection with the groove-type embedded part, but in the actual installation process, the T-bolt pressed into the groove-type embedded part is prone to loosening problems, so it is difficult to better Fixed in trough embedded parts.

Heat treatment broadcast quenching and tempering HB220-270, nitriding HRC>65 foreign use titanium carbide coating method to improve the corrosion resistance of the screw surface, but according to reports, its wear resistance is not good enough. A series of measures have been taken abroad to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the screw. One way is to use highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy steel. Such as 34CrAlNi, 31CrMo12 and so on. There is also a method of spraying Xaloy alloy on the surface of the screw. This Xaloy alloy has high wear and corrosion resistance.

Knurled copper nuts are widely used in the following fields: notebook computer plastic casing, desktop computer plastic casing, GPS plastic casing, router plastic casing, mobile phone plastic casing, infinite communication facility plastic casing, home appliance plastic casing, automobile, electrical appliances, medical, electronics, etc. plastic shell.

The main purpose of the screw is to make the industrial product form a fixed one. In use, it often happens that the teeth cannot be closely attached, the screw head will be broken if the screw is locked too hard, or the tooth pattern is not properly locked, etc., and the use conditions are not met, all of which are quality. the problem of accuracy. Screws are mass products, not handmade works of art. In mass production, the purpose is to achieve high-precision and stable quality and popular prices to supply consumers. The accuracy of screws is usually 6g, and the rough screws used in construction projects are 14g. The value of screws is very important. In the world, there are examples of automobile factories going bankrupt because of poor screw quality; there are also examples of planes falling and vehicles being overturned because of poor screw quality.

The drawing process has two purposes, one is to modify the size of the raw materials; the other is to obtain basic mechanical properties of the fasteners through deformation and strengthening. For medium carbon steel, medium carbon alloy steel also has another purpose, that is, to make the wire rod. The flaky cementite obtained after controlled cooling is cracked as much as possible during the drawing process to prepare for the subsequent spheroidization (softening) annealing to obtain granular cementite. However, some manufacturers arbitrarily reduce the drawing in order to reduce costs. The excessive reduction rate increases the work hardening tendency of the wire rod, which directly affects the cold heading performance of the wire rod. If the distribution of the reduction ratio of each pass is not appropriate, it will also cause torsional cracks in the wire rod during the drawing process. In addition, if the lubrication is not good during the drawing process, it can also cause regular transverse cracks in the cold drawn wire rod. The tangential direction of the wire rod and the wire drawing die is not concentric at the same time when the wire rod is rolled out of the die, which will cause the wear of the unilateral hole pattern of the wire drawing die to aggravate, make the inner hole out of round, and cause uneven drawing deformation in the circumferential direction of the wire. The roundness of the steel wire is out of tolerance, and the cross-sectional stress of the steel wire is not uniform during the cold heading process, which affects the cold heading pass rate. During the drawing process of the wire rod, the excessive surface reduction ratio will deteriorate the surface quality of the steel wire, while the too low surface reduction ratio is not conducive to the crushing of the flaky cementite, and it is difficult to obtain as much granular cementite as possible. , that is, the spheroidization rate of cementite is low, which is extremely unfavorable to the cold heading performance of the steel wire. For the bar and wire rod produced by the drawing method, the partial surface reduction rate is directly controlled within the range of 10%-15%.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: brass step bolts, cup head cylindrical head round head, cylindrical nuts, extra-long screws and other products, we can provide you with fastening suitable for you piece solution.

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