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Wholesale carbon steel galvanized outer hexagon single head stud hollow yin and yang isolation column external tooth connecting tooth stud 5/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: round nut and nut, do...

In pressure vessels such as oil cylinders, the existing sealing structures are all seals (such as O-rings, etc.) plus a retaining ring. The cross-sectional shape of the retaining ring is generally rectangular. The retaining ring of this shape is limited in the sealing structure. It protects the sealing ring and does not participate in the sealing effect.

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Pins are widely used. In the connection of the rotating mechanism of two moving components, such as the crank mechanism, the turning mechanism, the connection between the hydraulic cylinder and the moving parts, the pins are used. kind. In order to ensure the normal use of the running equipment and prevent the cylindrical pin from slipping out and falling off during use, some anti-falling methods are usually used at the head of the pin, such as 1. Drill holes and insert cotter pins to prevent the pins from slipping out; 2. The external thread is tightened with a nut to prevent the pin from slipping out; 3. The slot is clamped with a circlip to prevent it from slipping out, etc. These measures make the cylindrical pin very practical in the case of infrequent disassembly and assembly, but in the actual use of the field, in order to prevent the collision of some equipment during each troubleshooting or maintenance, the pin needs to be pulled out and turned up, etc. After the failure or maintenance is completed, put down and then insert the pin to restore, this process will bring trouble to the actual operator. For example, special tools must be brought with you every time you disassemble and assemble the pin, and the split pin or the circlip is easily damaged after repeated disassembly and assembly. , In order to save trouble, the operator sometimes uses iron wire to thread or fasten it instead, and even does not remove the pin for the sake of speed and convenience, which is easy to cause damage to the equipment when dealing with faults.

A pin and a pin piece inserted on the pin, the width of the pin piece gradually decreases from the insertion end to the other end, and the pin piece is also provided with a protrusion, the protrusion is a triangular ratchet tooth shape, the An insertion hole is arranged on the pin, and a pawl corresponding to the protrusion is arranged in the insertion hole.

Materials and main equipment: 1.1 Bolts, nuts and washers shall be accompanied by quality certificates and shall comply with design requirements and national standards. 1.2 The high-strength bolts should be stored in categories according to their specifications, and should be protected from rain and moisture. Do not use if the bolts and nuts are not matched and the threads are damaged. If the bolts, nuts and washers are corroded, the tightening axial force should be sampled and used only after meeting the requirements. Bolts, etc. shall not be contaminated by soil or oil, and shall be kept clean and dry. It must be used in the same batch according to the batch number, and must not be mixed or mixed. 1.3 Main tools: electric torque wrench and controller, manual torque wrench, manual wrench, wire brush, tool bag, etc. 2 Operating conditions: 2.1 Friction surface treatment: The friction surface is treated by sandblasting, grinding wheel grinding and other methods, and the friction coefficient should meet the design requirements (a requirement is that the Q235 steel is above 0.45, and the 16 manganese steel is above 0.55). The friction surface wood is allowed to have residual iron oxide scale. The treated friction surface can generate red rust surface and then install the bolts (generally stored in the open air for about 10d). The sandblasted friction surface can be installed without rusting. When grinding with a grinding wheel, the grinding range is not less than 4 times the diameter of the bolt, the grinding direction is perpendicular to the direction of force, and the friction surface after grinding should be free of obvious unevenness. The friction surface should be prevented from being polluted by oil or paint. If polluted, it should be cleaned thoroughly. 2.2 Check the hole size of the bolt hole, the burrs on the edge of the hole must be removed. 2.3 The bolts, nuts and washers of the same batch number and specification should be packaged for use. 2.4 Electric wrenches and manual wrenches should be calibrated.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: fine / reverse / American nuts, wave washers, hexagonal thick bolt screws, stud screws and other products, we can provide you with The right fastener solution for you.

Hexagon single head stud

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