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Customized 12.9-grade high-strength thin-head socket head cap screws Short head socket head cap screws Hexagon socket head cap screws

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: furniture connecto...

Copper nuts, also known as embedded nuts and embedded copper nuts or plastic embedded nuts, are divided into hot melt copper nuts, hot pressed copper nuts, embedded copper nuts and ultrasonic copper nuts according to different methods of use. This product is widely used in mobile phones. Shell / Pen meter shell / injection molding / insert of plastic parts, used as an internal thread. Generally embossed on the outer circle. To prevent sliding.

Screws are often used on objects, such as data storage, to support the objects on a bracket. Since the item will vibrate during operation or when subjected to shock, if the shock is not minimized, the item will be damaged. Therefore, some cushioning elements with cushioning properties are applied to the article. The buffer is fixed to the object by the screw. When the object vibrates, the buffer will reduce the vibration, thereby reducing the damage to the object. However, since the buffer is exposed Therefore, when the object is installed or disassembled, the object is moving relative to the bracket, and the friction between the buffer and the bracket will cause the buffer to move. It is very easy to age, thus greatly reducing its service life. SUMMARY OF THE UTILITY MODEL In view of the above, it is necessary to provide a screw combination that can protect a buffer member with buffer performance to improve its service life. A screw combination includes a screw, an elastic retaining ring and a buffer, the screw includes a nut, a threaded portion and a neck formed between the nut and the threaded portion, the retaining ring It is fixed on the neck of the screw, the buffer is sleeved on the screw, and the screw combination further includes a cover set on the screw, and the cover includes a top and a forming part. In the shielding part of the top, the top is located between the nut and the retaining ring, and is blocked by the nut and the retaining ring so as not to be separated from the screw, and the shielding part covers the The retaining ring and the buffer element are slightly exposed from the shielding part. Compared with the prior art, the screw assembly of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. protects the buffer by covering the buffer by the shutter, thereby increasing its service life.

In the field of mechanical design, there are a large number of connector connection structures that need to be fastened and positioned. As shown in Figure 1, the more common positioning and fastening connection methods at present are that pins 5 and fasteners are used for positioning and fastening, respectively. That is, cylindrical pins or taper pins are used for positioning, and fasteners such as screws or double-ended studs are used for fastening.

The conventional auger bit structure 1 includes a rod body 11, a screw head 12 provided on one end of the rod body 11, a drill tail 13 provided on the other end of the rod body 11, and a plurality of threads 14 arranged around the rod body 11; Wherein, the periphery of the drill tail 13 defines a parting line 15, and the parting line 15 makes the drill tail 13 symmetrically divided into a side 131 and a side 132, and a cutting end 133 is formed at the junction of the end of the side 131 and the end of the side 132, respectively. The cutting end 133 is concavely provided with a quarter-turn chip flute 134 in the same direction of the helix, and the edge 132 continues the chip flute 134 and has a quarter-turn chip flute 135 with different helical curvatures. , by connecting the chip groove 134 and the chip groove 135 through different helical curvatures, the drill tail 13 can form a symmetrical and complete chip groove of 189 degrees.

The purpose of Yueluo is to provide a stamping process for screws. Before stamping, a sticky protective layer is coated on the pressure surface of the screw blank. The sticky protective layer can play a buffering role during stamping and prevent the screw head from being damaged. In order to achieve the above purpose, the technical solution of Yueluo is to design a screw stamping process, which uses a stamping die to stamp the screw blank and punch out the screw head; and before stamping, the pressure surface of the screw blank is coated with adhesive protection. layer.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: lengthened and thickened round joint nuts, screw nuts, hexagon socket screws and nuts, socket socket bolts, nylon screws and other products, we can provide you with suitable products. Your fastener solution.

high strength

Custom Level 12.9

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