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Processing 12.9 grade high-strength Dacromet hexagon bolts resistant to high temperature and anti-corrosion 3/4

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: color zinc pull cap blue ...

The technical scheme adopted by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is: a pin pressure riveting structure, including a pin, a cavity and a pressure riveting fixture, the pin is a columnar structure, an annular groove is arranged on the surface of the pin, and the cavity is The body is provided with a light hole, the depth of the light hole is greater than the height of the annular groove relative to the bottom of the pin, the lower end of the pin is inserted into the light hole, the pressure riveting fixture includes a pressure riveting part and a pressure-bearing part located on the top of the pressure riveting part, so The riveting part and the pressure-bearing part are provided with coaxial and penetrating connecting holes, and the upper ends of the pins are sleeved in the connecting holes.

Yueluo - a screw and nut disassembly tool for a narrow space, including a sleeve rod, a sleeve rod vertically arranged at one end of the sleeve rod, a connecting rod for fixedly connecting the sleeve rod and the sleeve rod, and a sleeve rod located at the end of the sleeve rod. The connecting rod in the axial through hole of the sleeve rod, the connecting rod located in the axial through hole of the sleeve rod, and the bearing for fixedly connecting the sleeve rod and the connecting rod and making the connecting rod rotate stably in the sleeve rod , and a sleeve head arranged at one end of the connecting rod, the connecting rod and the adjacent end of the connecting rod are provided with gears and the two gears are vertically meshed, so that when the external force drives the connecting rod to rotate, the force passes through The two gears and the connecting rod are transmitted to the sleeve head, thereby driving the screw or nut in the sleeve head to rotate;

At present, more rivets are used on car tires. Due to the long-term bumps of the car, traditional equipment is prone to loosening during the use process, which affects safety. The above problems need to be improved on traditional equipment, so how to design a Rivets on car tires, this becomes a problem we need to solve.

Knurled copper nuts are mainly used for injection molding, hardware springs, special-shaped springs, craft gift springs, battery spring sheets, spring antennas, key rings, phosphor bronze spring CNC automatic lathe turning parts (copper car parts, iron car parts, aluminum car parts) , metal stamping parts, electronic hardware, iron shaft, single flower shaft, multi flower shaft, iron pin, non-standard screw and nut, connecting parts, fasteners, wire forming (metal wire business card holder, model aircraft landing gear, S hook , R-type latch, triangle buckle, D-type buckle) and other hardware products belong to the copper nut series.

The flat key transmits torque on the side, has good neutrality, is easy to assemble and disassemble, and cannot realize the axial fixation of the parts on the shaft. Ordinary flat key: Type A, Type B, Type C, Type A is used for shaft grooves machined by end mills. The key is well fixed axially in the groove, but the stress concentration caused by the groove on the shaft is large; Type B is used for disc milling cutters. The machined shaft groove, the stress concentration of the shaft is small; the C type is used for the shaft end; it is suitable for high-speed, high-precision or occasions under variable load and impact, such as fixing gears, sprockets and other rotating parts on the shaft. Guided flat key: The key is fixed on the shaft with a screw, the key and the hub groove are in dynamic fit, and the parts on the shaft can move axially. For the convenience of starting the key, there is a key-starting screw hole. Use the occasions where the axial movement of the parts on the shaft is not large, such as the slip gear in the gearbox. Feather key: The key is fixed on the axle, and the parts on the shaft can move axially with the key; it is used in the occasions where the axial movement of the parts on the shaft is large;

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: large flat round head chamfered hexagon socket bolts, color knurled bolts, multi-axis frame light tie rod connection nut columns, screw anchor screws and other products, We can provide you with the right fastener solution for you.

high strength

Processing level 12.9

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