Wholesale GB893.1GB894. 1A type hole with shaft with elastic retaining ring inner and outer circlip C-type circlip

We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: slip-knot fisheye bolts, small chassis screws, brass U-shaped pipe clamp screws, Q410 inner serrated lock washer, nylon lock nut, enlarged washer, and more Shaft through the drone body frame, DIN928 nut, GB835 knurled bolt, 201 stainless steel outer hexagon nut, half tooth extension bolt, wood tooth screw, flat head full hexagonal sealed pull female pull cap nut, core-strike expansion bolt, A-type square Fasteners such as spot welding nuts have different prices due to different product materials and specifications. Please contact us if necessary.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

In specific implementation, the axial three-dimensional shape of the nut and the screw head is in the shape of a pentagonal frustum, the elastic surface of the screw is parallel to the center line of the bolt, and the upper contour line is arc-shaped; the screw can be full or partial thread; the top of the screw head The shape is round.

Wholesale GB893.1GB894.

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. discloses a countersunk head rivet. The countersunk head rivet includes a nail body and a mandrel. The nail body is tubular, and one end is provided with a nail cap. The mandrel passes through the nail body from the cap end and forms a diameter. For the nail head larger than the internal diameter of the nail, the nail cap is close to the end of the nail head to form a countersunk head. When the countersunk head rivet is in use, the nail body forms a countersunk head structure to the riveted metal piece under the extrusion of the nail head, so that the two riveted metal pieces are firmly riveted without the nail body protruding from the metal piece.

For type 1A hole

Retaining ring for shaft

1. Ordinary outer hexagon - widely used, characterized by relatively large tightening force, the disadvantage is that there must be enough operating space during installation, and adjustable wrench, open-end wrench or glasses wrench can be used during installation, all of the above wrenches require a large amount of space. operating space. 2. Cylindrical head hexagon socket - is the most widely used of all screws, because it has a relatively large tightening force, and can be operated with a hexagon wrench. It is very convenient to install and is used in almost all kinds of structures. The appearance is more beautiful and neat. The disadvantage is that the tightening force is slightly lower than the outer hexagon, and the inner hexagon is easily damaged due to repeated use and cannot be disassembled. 3. Pan head inner hexagon - rarely used mechanically, the mechanical properties are the same as above, mostly used in furniture, the main function is to increase the contact surface with wooden materials and increase the ornamental appearance. 4. Headless inner hexagon - must be used in certain structures, such as the top wire structure that requires a large top-tight force, or where the cylindrical head needs to be hidden. 5. Countersunk head hexagon - mostly used in power machinery, the main function is the same as the inner hexagon. 6. Nylon lock nut - a nylon rubber ring is embedded in the hexagonal surface to prevent the thread from loosening, and it is used on strong power machinery. 7. Flange nuts - mainly play the role of increasing the contact surface with the workpiece, mostly used in pipes, fasteners, some stamping parts and casting parts. 8. Ordinary hex nut - the most widely used and one of the most common fasteners.

Internal and external circlip

Stainless steel screws, as the name suggests, must be made of stainless steel screw wire, and then screw the screw thread. Many of the properties of stainless steel screws are related to stainless steel. Taking into account the properties and organization of stainless steel, understand the properties of stainless steel materials and other aspects. Therefore, it is understood that stainless steel has good mechanical properties such as anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, etc., then stainless steel screws also have these good mechanical properties. With the increasing quality of stainless steel materials. The mechanical properties of stainless steel screws produced by the screw industry are getting better and better. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion ability, and high temperature and high pressure are getting stronger and stronger.

C-type circlip

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