Production of 304 stainless steel tooth bar screw 1 meter full tooth thread through wire screw ceiling rice 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: tower photovoltaic bolts, small screws, single-ear and double-ear stop washers, carbon steel galvanized gaskets, knurled stainless steel nuts, galvanized flat head rivets, hexagon socket Umbrella head bolts, metal washers, gaskets, extended hexagonal joint nuts, spring washers standard GB93-87, flat head flat machine screws and bolts, separate combination bolts, plastic torx head hand screws, computer motherboard isolation nuts, nylon bolts and screws etc. Firmware, due to different product materials and specifications, the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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Screw head table

In the prior art, there are also automated equipment for riveting and assembling of hardware and handles; however, for the existing automated equipment, how to automatically and efficiently realize rivet feeding is particularly important.

Production of 304 stainless steel

The main purpose of the embedded nut is to replace the direct opening of screw holes on the injection molded parts, so as to improve the strength of the screw holes of the injection molded parts. Referring to FIG. 1 , in order to lock the workpiece 3 ′ on the injection molded part 2 ′, the screw 5 ′ passes through the through hole on the workpiece 3 ′ and is screwed into the screw hole of the embedded nut 1 ′ to fix the workpiece 3 ′. The embedding between the embedded nut 1' and the injection-molded part 2' generally includes two ways. One is to heat the embedded nut 1' and then insert it into the injection-molded part 2' by hot pressing; the other is to insert the embedded nut into the injection-molded part 2'. 1' and the injection part 2' are integrally injection-molded. In order to ensure the bonding strength between the inner nut 1' and the injection molded part 2', knurling is provided on the outer peripheral surface of the inner nut 1'.

Threaded screw 1 meter

Full thread

The maximum unscrewing torque of the lock nut is affected by many factors. For the research on the low-cycle fatigue performance of the lock nut, the pitch diameter of the thread, the helix angle and the bevel angle of the thread remain unchanged. Only the maximum elastic restoring force FNmax and the equivalent friction angle ρe of the thread piece will appear to a certain extent after repeated use. Change. Therefore, it is only necessary to analyze the variation law of the maximum unscrewing moment when the lock nut is subjected to cyclic load from these two aspects.

Through wire screw ceiling meter

Process equipment for aircraft production (hereinafter referred to as tooling) is directly used for part forming and component assembly. In order to satisfy the loading and unloading of aircraft parts and components during the use of the tooling, the tooling generally adopts a structural form that is easy to disassemble as a whole. In the field of aircraft process equipment manufacturing, positioning pins are usually used to connect and position the detachable parts of the tooling. At present, this kind of locating pin is divided into two types: direct pull-out locating pin and tie-suspended locating pin.


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