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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: Daquan 304 stainless steel bolts, POM sleeved hollow pipes, Pengzhangyu expansion national standard bolt explosion screws, elastic retaining rings, blind hole rivet nuts, carbon steel caps Type nut, small tooth nut, miniature small screw, thickened washer meson, general material screw, 201 stainless steel lengthened and thickened round nut, crown three combination cabinet screw nut, luggage leather rivet, live joint bolt, locking screw cap, etc. Fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if you need it, please contact us.

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met a customer before, and the stainless steel screws needed by the company need to be prevented from loosening. Simply put, the stainless steel screw should be used on the product material so that the stainless steel screw will not fall off lightly. The screws are required to be more tightly connected with the product material. For the solution of stainless steel screw anti-loosening, there are two solutions. Next, the following two solutions to prevent loosening of stainless steel standard parts are presented. The first is to use the resilience of special materials, such as engineering resin materials, which have good resilience. Attach it to the stainless steel screw thread. Make it mechanically rub against the nut, or material product. Generate vibration and absolute resistance. Completely solve the problem of loose screws. The second, simply put, is to apply a layer of glue on the thread of the stainless steel screw, the so-called dispensing. This glue is called drop-resistant glue. This glue has good properties such as high stickiness and non-toxicity. This glue is applied to stainless steel screws, and when dry, it adheres extremely well. The stainless steel screw thread can be combined with the nut thread, or after the product threaded hole is joined, resulting in a super tightening effect. Play a super good anti-loosening effect.

Supply round copper column

Therefore, in order to obtain fasteners that meet the requirements, it is usually necessary to anneal the middle sections of bolts, rivets, etc. to reduce the hardness of the middle sections, while ensuring the hardness of the heads of bolts, rivets, etc. At present, the existing process adopts ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment to instantly heat the middle section and reduce the hardness. However, this process requires a lot of control, and the heating time is slightly longer, which affects the hardness of the head, and the mass production is very unstable, which is easy to cause the rivet to fail. At the same time, the cost of ultra-high frequency equipment is high and the power consumption is large, which is not conducive to mass production and energy saving. Environmental friendly.

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The positioning pin is a pin designed to accurately position the two adjacent parts of the mold in a mold composed of two or more parts. It can be seen that the positioning pin plays a positioning role, and the mold must be accurately synchronized when it is closed. product, and the positioning pin can make the upper and lower molds play a role in accurate positioning. In the mold design and manufacture of Yueluo, the positioning pin is one of the most common parts. Since it is only used for positioning between parts, few people will pay too much attention to it. In the cold stamping process of Yueluo, the dimensional accuracy of the blanking parts depends on the size of the working part of the punch and the concave die, and the dimensional difference between them constitutes the blanking die gap. Gap is an important process parameter for die design, and its size has a great influence on the quality of the section of the blanking part, the blanking force, and the life of the die. If the gap is too large, punching burrs will appear in punching; if the gap is too small, secondary cracks will occur in the section and extrusion burrs will appear, which will make the quality of the section after punching unsatisfactory, and a reasonable gap will not only help the punching section. The improvement of quality also contributes to the improvement of the lifespan of the 12-year-old utensils.

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In actual use, the rivet rod body 3-2 is passed through the riveting plate 6 and the riveting plate 7, and the rivet dome head 3-1 is placed in the mold cavity 1-1, and the cover mold 2 is driven by the riveting machine to impact the rivet rod body 3-2. Because the center of the cover mold 2 is provided with a cavity 2-1 that matches the shape of the rivet dome 3-3, the end of the rivet rod 3-2 will form the rivet dome 3-3. However, due to the rivet When the riveting machine is impacted and vibrated, a large amount of oxide slag 4 will be generated, and the oxide slag 4 will slide down the surface of the cavity 1-1 to the bottom of the cavity 1-1 and accumulate. At this time, the temperature of the rivet is very high and the plasticity is very good. The hardness is extremely low and it is easy to form. Therefore, the accumulated oxide slag 4 squeezes the surface of the rivet dome 3-1 and the bottom surface of the cavity 1-1 to form pits, and causes wear on the bottom surface of the cavity, not only It affects the riveting quality, riveting strength and appearance quality of the rivet, and also affects the quality of the rivet die, resulting in economic losses.


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