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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: DIN970 hexagon nuts, carbon steel grade A screws, round head straight thread screws, cap nuts, open round head rivets, anti-slip bolts, open and closed half hex nuts, fish Eye expansion bolts, complete screws and nuts boxed, carbon steel thick shank bolts, large flat head square neck bolts, flat head flat machine screw bolts, T10 Torx screws, carbon steel grade 4.8 screws, open cylindrical vertical grain large / small countersunk head pull Fasteners such as rivet nuts have different prices due to different product materials and specifications. Please contact us if necessary.

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The pin body of the cylindrical pin is generally provided with one or two fixing holes for inserting the split pin to realize the positioning of the pin body. The fixing hole is drilled by a drilling machine, because the drill bit is easy to slip when drilling on the cylinder, and it needs to be processed by tooling. When machining the fixed holes on the cylindrical pins, because the cylindrical pins have many specifications and different thicknesses, even the positions of the holes required to be machined on the same cylindrical pin body are not the same, resulting in various drilling tooling for the pin body, resulting in processing costs. High, on-site management is difficult.

custom carbon steel

The fixing screw proposed by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. has a screw body 1, and the axial surface of the screw body 1 is formed with extending screw teeth 6, and the axial surface is a column along the central axis direction of the cylinder of the screw body 1. The body surface has a hemispherical screw tail 7 at the bottom, and a screw head 2 at the top. The upper surface of the screw head 2 is provided with a slot (not shown). The screw body 1 is composed of the upper tapered rod 4 and the lower cylindrical screw 5. The tapered rod 4 is an inverted cone, the diameter of its circular upper surface and the diameter of the screw mounting hole 10. equal. The fixing screw also has a washer 3, the washer 3 is arranged between the screw head 2 and the screw body 1, the lower surface of the cylindrical washer 3 has a number of teeth 8, the teeth 8 are along the The upper surface of the inverted cone of the tapered rod 4 and the edge of the washer 3 are connected to form a straight convex strip 15 extending outward; the convex strip 15 can also be designed in an arc shape. The fixing screws for installation proposed by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. can be made of metal materials in one piece. As shown in Figure 3, it is a schematic diagram of the installation of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. for PCB board fixing. When installing, first pass the screw body 1 of the fixing screw through the mounting hole 10 and the copper column 11 provided on the PCB board 9, so that the tail 7 of the screw reaches the mounting hole 13 on the casing 12, and then use the tightening tool 14 to insert the screw At the notch on the top of the head, forcefully press the inverted cone design taper rod 4 of the screw body 1 into the mounting hole 10, so that the tail 7 passes through the mounting hole 13. Due to the outer diameter D at the bottom of the taper rod and the screw mounting hole The aperture size of 10 is equal, and the fixing screws are pressed and fixed, so that the PCB board 9 can be automatically corrected in the process of fixing its front, back, left and right deflections, and the accuracy of the installation position of the PCB board 9 can be ensured. As shown in Figure 4, after the fixing screw is screwed into the casing, the washer 3 is fully contacted and pressed on the PCB board 9, and the PCB board 9, the copper column 11 and the casing 12 are firmly connected together without sliding. . The teeth 8 on the washer 3 are in full contact with the surface of the PCB board 9, so that a ground wire path is set up between the PCB board 9 and the casing 13 by the metal fixing screw 1, thereby ensuring that the PCB board 9 is fully grounded , the design of the teeth 18 on the washer 3 also has a non-slip function. The fixing screws for installation designed by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. make use of the cooperation, friction and electrical conductivity in the mechanical connection, which fully guarantees the firm installation of the PCB board and the chassis and the good grounding of the PCB board. Moreover, the ellipsoid tail of the fixing screw The surface is relatively smooth, even if the mounting holes are exposed, it will not cause scratches on the hands and desktop. The above is only the embodiment of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd., and does not limit the scope of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd., any equivalent structure made by using the contents of the description and drawings of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. or etc. Effective process transformation, or direct or indirect application in other related technical fields, are also included in the protection scope of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.

Cross round head cutting tail self-tapping


T-bolts for channel steel usually include a head and a shank. The shank is provided with threads. Traditional T-bolts for channel steel are used for channel steel, and both channel steel and bolts are made of steel. , the two are prone to thermal expansion and contraction due to changes in the external ambient temperature, and are prone to loosening, resulting in unstable connections.

Nickel plated black

kind of screw provided by Yueluo, the rod body of the screw rod has a thread segment, one end of the thread segment is provided with an annular convex ring on the outer peripheral surface of the rod body, and the distance between the convex ring at the front end of the screw threading direction and the rod core Smaller than the nominal size of the threaded section or the distance from the rear end of the bead to the rod core in the screwing direction is greater than the nominal size of the threaded section.

Pan head self-tapping electronic screw

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