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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: round head bolts with washers, hexagonal nut screws with small teeth, square cage nuts, square washers, claw nuts, heat-treated T-nuts, black torx countersunk head screws Fasteners such as screws, fine-tuning handles, GB7244 gaskets, insulating screws and bolts, butt-locking screws, GB869 countersunk head rivets, GBT13 screws, motherboard isolation columns, A450 toothed nuts, fully threaded bolts, etc., due to different product materials and specifications , the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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The purpose of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide a bayonet which is a T-shaped cylindrical pin with a misaligned through hole at the head, and a bayonet spring which is a ring-shaped spring steel wire whose ends are staggered. The retaining ring is clamped by the bayonet pin to fix the stop sleeve and the pin shaft together. A hydraulic excavator pin stopper with high disassembly and assembly efficiency and no need for a wrench. The technical solution of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is such that it includes a latch, a stop sleeve, a pin, a bayonet, and a circlip. The staggered end is clamped into the misaligned through hole of the plug, and screwed on the bottom of the stopper sleeve to fix the stopper sleeve and the pin shaft together. The latch is composed of a bayonet pin and a circlip, the circlip is screwed around the through hole of the bayonet pin to the root of the bayonet pin, and the stopper sleeve is tightly wrapped around the pin shaft, and the circlip is tightly against the bayonet pin. The head of the bayonet pin has two T-shaped cylindrical pins with staggered through holes, and the circlip is an annular spring steel wire whose ends are staggered. By adopting the pin shaft stopping method of the above technical scheme, it is extremely convenient and quick to disassemble and assemble the pin shaft. The bolt of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is only composed of a T-shaped cylindrical pin with two staggered through holes in the head and a ring-shaped spring steel wire with staggered ends. The structure is simple, convenient to manufacture, low cost and obvious. It is an excavator pin stop method with high disassembly and assembly efficiency, no need for a wrench and low manufacturing cost.

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The machinery industry is one of the main users of fasteners. Due to China's late understanding of the important position of mechanical basic parts in the machinery industry and a long-term lack of investment, the entire industry has a poor foundation, weak foundation and weak strength. Especially with the improvement of the level of the main engine in China, the bottleneck phenomenon that the mechanical basic parts lag behind the main engine has become increasingly apparent. Today, although the state has given certain support in technology introduction, technological transformation, scientific research and development, etc., there is still a big gap compared with the current market demand and foreign levels. Unstable quality, high early failure rate and poor reliability. Fasteners are the main basic products in the machinery industry, and the development of the machinery industry also puts forward higher requirements for fastener products. Domestic ordinary standard fasteners have always been in oversupply, while high-end fasteners (high temperature, special-shaped, titanium-plastic composite, special performance and other fasteners) are in short supply, and they also rely on imports. The State Machinery Bureau lists ordinary standard fasteners as restricted development products, and high-strength special-shaped fasteners as currently encouraged development products. With the improvement of the country's industrialization level and technological progress, the use of high-strength fasteners has gradually increased.

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The meaning of bolt performance grade is an international standard. Bolts of the same performance grade, regardless of the difference in material and origin, have the same performance, and only the performance grade can be selected in the design. Strength grade The so-called 8.8 and 10.9 grades refer to the shear stress grades of bolts of 0.88GPa and 1.09GPa 8.8 Nominal tensile strength 800N/MM2 Nominal yield strength 640N/MM2 General bolts use XY to indicate the strength, X *100=tensile strength of this bolt, X*100*(Y/10)=yield strength of this bolt (because according to the regulations: yield strength/tensile strength=Y/10, that is, 0.Y is the yield strength ratio ) If the grade is 4.8, the tensile strength of this bolt is: 400MPa; the yield strength is: 400*8/10=320MPa. Another: stainless steel bolts are usually marked as A4-70, A2-70, and the meaning is otherwise explained Measurement: There are two main units of length measurement in the world today, one is the metric system, and the measurement unit is meters (m) and centimeters (cm). ), millimeter (mm), etc., are used more in Europe, my country and Japan and other Southeast Asian regions, the other is the British system, and the unit of measurement is mainly inches (inch), which is used more in the United States, Britain and other European and American countries. 1. Metric measurement: (decimal system) 1m2 =100 cm2=10000 mm2, imperial measurement: (8 decimal system) 1 inch = 8 inches 1 inch = 25.4 mm 3/8¢¢×25.4 =9.523, 1/4 ¢¢ The following products are indicated by their number, such as: 4#, 5#, 6#, 7#, 8#, 10#, 12#


The rivet nuts are divided into S series, CLS series and SP series. It provides a simple method for installing internal threads on precision metal sheet products, and plays a reliable fixing role. The small and delicate nut enables the plate to be embedded and processed on one side. When installing, just insert the nut into the hole of the metal plate. , to complete the setting firm function with pressure. When choosing to buy a rivet nut, you only need to provide a few elements: 1. Installation thickness 2. Internal thread size 3. What height do you require the nut to protrude from.


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