Customized 304 stainless steel inner hexagon screw hand screw countersunk head flat machine bolt 3/4 5/8

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: 65 manganese galvanized fastening nuts, flat washers with missing corners, extended flat head bolts, extended equal-length bolts, metal washer mesons, quick-connecting ring connecting ring nuts, DIN934 stainless steel Screws, double-headed copper posts, non-slip nuts, American standard wide-shaped gaskets, toothed gaskets, knock-on-lock rivet knock-on rivets, black aluminum semi-circular head rivets, national standard gaskets, large-head retracted rod round double internal teeth Fasteners such as set nuts and yuan round nuts have different prices due to different product materials and specifications. Please contact us if you need them.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

new type of screw includes a fixing object and a screw body composed of a nut, a fixing piece and a screw rod. An outer gear ring is fixedly sleeved on the fixing piece, and a support plate is arranged on the lower side of the outer gear ring. The upper side of the support plate is connected with a mounting frame through an adjustment mechanism, the inside of the mounting frame is connected with the outer gear ring through an anti-drop mechanism, and a mounting plate is fixedly connected to the side of the support plate close to the fixed object, and the mounting plate is clamped The coupling mechanism is connected to the fixture.

Customized 304 stainless steel

In order to achieve the above purpose, Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. provides the following technical solutions: an anti-drop screw structure, including a connecting bolt and a fastening screw, the connecting bolt includes a connecting screw and a connecting nut, one end of the connecting screw It is integrally connected with the connecting nut, the surface of the connecting screw is provided with an external thread, the connecting bolt is movably mounted with a matching nut, the matching nut and the connecting bolt are connected by thread, and the interior of the connecting screw is provided There is a screw hole along the axis of the connecting screw. The connecting screw is provided with a number of slots along the axis. The slot extends into the screw hole. The screw hole is provided with an internal thread, and the screw hole is movable in the screw hole. A tightening screw is installed, the tightening screw includes a tightening screw and a tightening nut, one end of the tightening screw is integrally connected with the tightening nut, and the tightening screw is connected to the tightening nut through a screw hole Bolted thread connection.

Hexagon socket screws

Hand Tighten Countersunk Head Flat Machine Bolts

When the countersunk head screws and hexagon socket head bolts are produced by the cold heading process, the original structure of the steel will directly affect the forming ability of the cold heading process. In the process of cold heading, the plastic deformation of the local area can reach 60%-80%, so the steel must have good plasticity. When the chemical composition of the steel is constant, the metallographic structure is the key factor to determine the plasticity. It is generally believed that the coarse flaky pearlite is not conducive to cold heading forming, while the fine spherical pearlite can significantly improve the plastic deformation ability of the steel. For medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel with a large amount of high-strength bolts, spheroidizing (softening) annealing is performed before cold heading, so as to obtain uniform and fine spheroidized pearlite to better meet the actual production needs. For the softening annealing of medium carbon steel wire rods, the heating temperature should be kept above and below the critical point of the steel, and the heating temperature should not be too high, otherwise tertiary cementite will precipitate along the grain boundary, resulting in cold heading cracking. The wire rod of medium carbon alloy steel is annealed by isothermal spheroidization. After heating at AC1+ (20-30%), the furnace is cooled to slightly lower than Ar1, the temperature is about 700 degrees Celsius for an isothermal period, and then the furnace is cooled to about 500 degrees Celsius and air-cooled. The metallographic structure of the steel changes from coarse to fine, from flake to spherical, and the cracking rate of cold heading will be greatly reduced. The general area of softening annealing temperature for 35\45\ML35\SWRCH35K steel is 715-735 degrees Celsius; while the general heating temperature for spheroidizing annealing of SCM435\40Cr\SCR435 steel is 740-770 degrees Celsius, and the isothermal temperature is 680-700 degrees Celsius.


A T-bolt with anti-slip teeth includes a block-shaped bolt head and a screw rod, the bolt head and the screw rod are T-shaped, the screw head is provided with anti-slip teeth on the side end surface of the screw, and the screw end surface is provided with grooves ; The anti-skid teeth protrude from the side end face of the screw on the bolt head, the anti-skid teeth are strip teeth or reticulated teeth, and their cross-section is triangular; or hexagonal slot etc. The T-bolt with anti-skid teeth of the utility model can not only be quickly inserted into the T-shaped groove, but also ensure reliable connection, and the bolt does not follow the rotation during the tightening of the nut.


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