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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: flat head double-pass nylon column, flat head full hexagonal rivet nut, flat head positioning pin, self-tapping screw, fixed expansion tube screw, explosion screw, titanium gasket, slotted cylinder Head screws, Hyundai auto self-locking nuts, national standard enlarged flat washers, Dongguan claw nuts, shaped butterfly bolts, dish-shaped ingots and claw screw caps, GB6171 nuts, 304 round nuts and other fasteners, due to product material and specifications Each is different and the price is also different, please contact us if you need it.

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The screw is a fairly common structure in the technical field of machine parts assembly, and it mainly uses the mutual engagement characteristics of male and female threads to achieve the purpose of pressing the workpiece. At present, there are many kinds of screws on the market, and their functions are also very different. However, a stud and a rotating part by which the stud is rotated are the same basic structure.

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screw can be equipped with only one spring washer or only one flat washer, or it can also only be equipped with a two-piece combination of flower teeth. The national standard number of the combination screw is represented by GB9074. The commonly used cross recessed small pan head three combination screw national standard is GB9074.8.


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In the existing industrial technology field, screws are mostly used for the connection between components. For many electronic products, because the products are more and more thin and light, the connection between the shell and the shell is often affected by the thickness of the shell. , usually need to use screw column structure for connection. Take the existing outdoor three-proof mobile phone as an example: the screw column structure includes a shell, a shell and a screw, the shell is provided with a plurality of screw columns, and the nuts in the screw columns are injected through the in-mold injection process. Directly integrated with the housing. Due to the special use environment and use requirements of outdoor three-proof mobile phones, they need to have good high-strength anti-drop performance, while the three-proof mobile phones in the prior art are subjected to high-strength drop tests due to the fundamental stress concentration of the screw column. During the process, problems such as cracking of the screw column or breaking from the root occur.


Compared with the prior art, the technical effect of Yueluo Company is: during the screwing process of the nut, the tube wall of the nut is elastically deformed so that the convex ring on the screw is matched with the groove on the nut, and the slope of the convex ring matches the groove. The groove wall is abutted against to limit the relative position of the nut tube and the screw shaft in the axial direction, which not only ensures the reliability of the threaded connection, but also achieves a significant anti-loosening and anti-falling effect. After the threaded connection, excessive force is applied to remove the nut and screw, so that it can be reused to save costs.

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