Customized 304 Stainless Steel GB29.2 Cross Recessed Hexagon Machine Screws Bolts

We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: 4.8 grade screws, hexagonal column male and female studs, semi-circle head torx stud bolts, pan head hexagon socket nuts, fastening nuts and nuts, manganese dacromet washers, butterfly Shape washer, handle nut, S-type guardrail screw, trimmed hexagon head screw, high-precision galvanized screw, professional production, hexagon cap nut, plastic nylon hexagon socket head bolt, pressure plate nut and other fasteners, due to product material and specifications Each is different and the price is also different, please contact us if you need it.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

The cylindrical pin is mainly used for positioning and can also be used for connection. It is fixed in the pin hole by means of interference fit. Cylindrical pins used for positioning are usually not subject to load or a small load, the number is not less than two, distributed in the symmetrical direction of the overall structure of the connected parts, the farther the better, the pin is in each connected part The length is about 1-2 times the minor diameter. Cylindrical pins can also be used as shafts, and a straight shaft can also be used as cylindrical pins or even centering pins. So what's the difference between a shaft and a pin? The shaft can be used to transmit torque, bear bending moment and torque, and the cylindrical pin can be used for positioning, bear extrusion force and shear force. In a sense (such as small equipment), cylindrical pins can also be used as shafts.

Custom 304 Stainless Steel

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. has a simple structure, low processing difficulty, and convenient riveting. The whole pin has the same diameter except for the annular groove. The drawn wire can be directly used, which saves the cost of materials and machining costs, and improves the production speed and efficiency. The structure does not require high machining accuracy of the hole, which can effectively reduce the machining cost and the rework rate of the parts.


Cross recess

hand screw is a screw with a plastic head, and the user fixes the hand screw by turning the plastic head by hand. At present, a hand-tight screw is disclosed in the market publication number CN202203253U, which includes a plastic head and a screw rod, the plastic head and the screw rod are connected together, and the height of the plastic head is higher than that of ordinary screws, and the height is 3 cm. The screw of the hand screw is fixed in the plastic head by glue. After a period of use, the aging of the glue leads to the loosening of the screw and the plastic head. When the plastic head is stressed, the screw rod comes out of the plastic head, which affects the normal use of the hand screw.

Hexagonal Machine Screws

Shaft retaining ring (hereinafter referred to as retaining ring) is a very common part and is widely used in shaft parts. The existing solution for pressing the retaining ring is: place the retaining ring sleeve in the chamfering section or the guiding section of the shaft head, and then use an indenter whose inner hole diameter is larger than the diameter of the shaft head to press the retaining ring into the groove, and then press the retaining ring into the groove through the shaft head. The retaining ring is combined with the slot to prevent the indenter from continuing to move downward.


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