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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: plum washer, 25# plastic screw, rubber sealing ring, small flat head rivet nut, three wave peak washer, round head cylindrical pin, EN1665 screw, slider boat nut, hexagon Wholesale nuts, hook type expansion bolts, transistor gaskets, hexagonal flange bolts with teeth, extended cup head cylinder head screws, anti-theft screws and bolts, double-way hexagonal isolation column nuts and other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products , the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

screw is a tool that uses the physical and mathematical principles of the circular rotation and friction of an object to fasten the mechanism of the object step by step. When using screws to fasten objects and parts, it is often necessary to use screws with spring washers and flat washers to lock and fix the relative position, so as to improve the stability of the fastening connection and make the screws less prone to loosening. However, in the prior art, the method of manually inserting the spring washer and the flat washer in sequence is generally used, which not only increases the workload of the staff, but also makes the installation efficiency relatively low. On the other hand, the traditional screw with a gasket only has the function of fixing, Without the function of sealing, it cannot be applied to special equipment such as oil tanks and airtight cabins. Therefore, it is necessary to design a screw that can reduce the workload and have its own sealing structure.

Processed copper plated

screw with a gasket includes a screw head and a screw connection part connected with the screw head, the screw connection part is provided with a thread, and a transition part is provided between the screw head and the thread provided on the screw connection part , the diameter of the transition part is smaller than the diameter of the thread, the transition part is sleeved with a plastic washer, the inner ring of the plastic washer is a polygon, and the diameter of the inscribed circle of the inner ring of the plastic washer is smaller than the diameter of the thread. The utility model replaces the traditional metal washer with a plastic washer, which avoids the phenomenon that the washer causes wear on the connection base. The inner hole of the plastic washer adopts a polygonal design, and the diameter of the inscribed circle of the inner ring of the plastic washer is smaller than the diameter of the thread, which is in the same shape as the thread. The multi-point contact solves the problem that the washer is easy to slip off due to the circular design of the inner hole of the traditional metal washer, and improves the assembly efficiency of the screw.

Welding screws

spot welding screw

In another embodiment of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd., the conveying device 3 includes a motor 31 and a circular rotating disk 34, the motor 31 drives the circular rotating disk 34 to rotate, and the circular rotating disk 34 is evenly provided with screws in the circumferential direction. The matching screw accommodating hole 35, the screw enters the screw accommodating hole 35, the motor 31 drives the circular rotating plate 34 to rotate, so that the screw is first slotted by the cutting wheel 42, and then polished by the fixing wheel 48, and the screw is in the screw accommodating hole 35. It is fixed, which is more secure and reliable during the slotting process. Preferably, the circular rotating disk 34 includes a circular rotating disk 32 and a sector-shaped fixed disk 33. The circular rotating disk 32 is evenly provided with screw receiving recesses matching the screws in the circumferential direction, and the recesses and the sector-shaped fixed disk 33 are formed with the screws The matching screw receiving holes face the cutting wheel 42 and the fixing wheel 54 .


The existing machine screw structure is not conducive to assembly and automated production. The machine screw is in the form of a cylinder, the outer surface of the cylinder is provided with threads, and one end of the machine screw is provided with a notch. During installation, it is convenient to rotate the machine screw by the tool acting on the notch, so that the machine screw all enters the threaded hole and does not occupy the external space. However, the thread on the outer surface of the machine screw corresponding to the slot is easily deformed or scratched due to the external force of the tool and the threaded hole, which makes it difficult to screw in or disassemble, and reduces the versatility and interchangeability. affect product quality.


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