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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: internal thread pins, C-type washers, cross recessed hexagon socket screws, meson bolts, semi-hollow rivets, flat hand nuts, hot-dip galvanized screws, DIN2093 washers, EPDM anti-skid gasket, cup head machine screw, full thread threaded bolt, pressure riveting screw, butt screw aluminum blind rivet, retaining ring for hole, 304 flat gasket and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications , the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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lead screw nut is provided with a through hole in the center for the screw rod to pass through, the surface of the through hole is provided with a screw thread engaged with the thread on the outer surface of the screw rod, and the surface of the through hole of the lead screw nut is provided with a thread along the surface of the through hole. The oil storage groove in the axial direction, the depth of the oil storage groove is greater than the depth of the thread.

Supply GB65

Aiming at the shortcomings of the above-mentioned cabinets in the prior art that are assembled through hardware accessories, which affects the overall appearance, Yueluo provides a cabinet with a hidden screw-type installation structure and an assembling method thereof. The plate is fixed so that the screws can be hidden from the outside.

Slotted flat screw


rivet nut is a tool for riveting nuts, which can be used for riveting the nut to a sheet and has a wide range of uses. Most of the existing rivet nuts have a double-handled structure, which is complicated in structure and high in cost; and the double-handled structure generally requires both hands to operate due to the large distance between the two handles, which is inconvenient to operate. Technical realization elements: In order to solve the above technical problems, Yueluo provides a rivet nut with simple structure, low cost and convenient operation. The technical solution adopted by Yueluo is: including a fixed body, a sliding body, a guide sleeve, a nut, a hollow screw and a handle;

Slotted cylinder head bolts

Cabinets are one of the must-have furniture in home improvement homes. They are extremely useful. Various cabinets may be used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and even balconies. The traditional cabinets are assembled in advance and then placed in the appropriate position, which is very inconvenient to transport. Currently, the commonly used cabinets are spliced together with plates and hardware accessories. During production and transportation, the plates and hardware accessories are independent. For production, processing and transportation, after it is sent to the destination, it is assembled with the plates by screws and other hardware accessories to form the entire cabinet structure. The current cabinet installation structure usually exposes some hardware accessories such as screws on the outside or inside of the cabinet, which not only affects the overall aesthetics, but also scratches the items during use, which affects the use effect. Some designs allow a plastic fastener to be fastened on the outside of hardware accessories (mainly screws). Although it can alleviate the above problems to a certain extent, it still does not fundamentally solve the problem, and the integrity is still not good.

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