Customized sewing machine screw big head blackened 8.8 grade 22A quenched sewing machine screw 3/4

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: anti-tooth left tooth national standard carbon steel round nut, cap copper nut, car tire nut, hexagonal copper stud, high crotchet bolt, connecting rod lock, hexagon socket head Bolts, countersunk head rivets, Phillips countersunk head screw bolts, camera bracket conversion extension screws, stop serrated washers, shoulder screws, hexagonal copper screws, cup head half-tooth bolts, column plastic gaskets and other fasteners, due to The materials and specifications of the products are different, and the prices are also different. Please contact us if you need it.

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Screw Specifications

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Screw (pinyin: luógǎn, English: screw): a cylinder with a spiral groove cut on the outer surface or a cone cut with a tapered spiral groove. The screw has a different head, the head is called an external hexagon screw. There are others, such as large flat screws, socket head screws and so on.

Customized sewing machine screws

The retaining ring is an industrial accessory that can function as support, buffering, braking, height adjustment and angle adjustment. The inner diameter of the retaining ring for the shaft is slightly smaller than the diameter of the assembly shaft. When the retaining ring for the hole is selected, the outer diameter of the retaining ring is slightly larger than the diameter of the assembly circular hole. The retaining ring mainly plays the role of axial fixation. The surface plus the retaining ring is fixed with a high degree of centering.

big head black

8.8 grade 22A quenching

Existing wood screws are composed of a threaded portion with a tapered angle and arranged along a tapered stem and a screw head. The head of the screw can be a countersunk head, hemispherical, or other shapes, and the head of the screw has a groove that fits with the tool, a word groove, and a concave cross groove. The taper angle of existing wood screws is either 45 degrees or 60 degrees, and the front end of the taper angle is a pointed point formed by a rotating thread. The existing wood screws have the following three deficiencies in use. Because the taper angle is 45 degrees or 60 degrees, and the thread angle is 71 degrees, the resistance when entering the material is relatively large, so the existing wood screws are manually screwed. It is difficult to screw in, especially when it is used for hardwood materials, and it often happens that the groove of the screw head is screwed out; A large lateral moment will be formed when the screw is screwed, which is prone to the problem of deviation from the position; in addition, because the existing screw is tapered, it will be subjected to both radial force and axial force when entering the material, and its stress state It is more complicated, so it is easy to cause the cracked wood material to burst, and even cause the material to have longitudinal cracks and be unusable.

sewing machine screws

Applications Automotive industry -- cars, trucks, buses, compressors, construction machinery, wind power equipment, fasteners, fasteners, agricultural machinery, foundry industry, drilling equipment, shipbuilding industry, military mining equipment, oil drilling rigs (onshore or offshore), public utilities, rail transit drives System metallurgical equipment rock hammer


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