Processing type 0 mechanical seal rubber ring seal vibration waterproof wear-resistant oil-resistant performance 1/2-13 1/4-20

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: rivets, large caps, large caps, caps, rivets, special-shaped cylindrical pins, K-shaped nuts, cylindrical pin positioning pins, standard fastener screws, and nut sets with baffles Combination, stop ring six-claw king eight washer, ellipse screw, flange face bolt and nut, countersunk head cross recessed bolt, nylon soft gasket, anti-shear rivet, buckle fixed riding clip, light spring washer, Fasteners such as GB117 have different prices due to their different materials and specifications. Please contact us if you need them.

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The main operation method of the embedded knurled copper nut of the lock nut is injection molding. After heating, it is embedded into the plastic part or directly injection molded. If injection molding is used, the melting point of P/NYLOY/PET is above 200°C. , After the embedded nut is hot melted into the plastic part, the temperature rises rapidly. After injection molding, the plastic body rapidly cools and crystallizes and hardens. If the embedded nut temperature is still at a high temperature, it may fall to the place where the copper nut contacts the plastic part. Start to loosen or crack. Therefore, copper nuts are used instead of carbon steel nuts in the injection molding of embedded nuts.

Processing type 0 mechanical seal rubber ring

Further, it also includes a motor, the motor is provided with a thruster that makes the cutting wheel move towards the conveying device, the other end of the motor is provided with a bearing, the output end of the motor is provided with a special-shaped wheel, the special-shaped wheel is toothed with the bearing, and the motor drives the special-shaped wheel to rotate. , move the cut-off wheel closer to or away from the conveyor.

Vibration of the seal ring

Waterproof, wear-resistant and oil-resistant

concealed screw fastener includes a washer, a screw and a shield, one end of the screw is provided with an end cap, the screw penetrates the washer and the end cap is supported on the washer, and the shield covers the end of the screw The cap is peripheral and connected to the gasket. When in use, firstly pass the screw through the washer and then drive it into the screw hole of the connected piece, and then cover the shield on the outer circumference of the end cap of the screw and connect it with the washer.


When the rivet is riveted, it is often necessary to locate and fix the rivet. However, the common rivet positioning mechanism at present often has no way to effectively and quickly remove the restriction on the rivet after the rivet is fixed, which makes it difficult for the nailing mechanism to be inserted. Quickly drive the positioned rivets.


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