Customized 12.9 grade high-strength outer hexagon screws and bolts 3/4 5/8

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: black aluminum rivets, precision screws, flat head knurled bolts, Torx screws, T-block T-block T-slot pressure plate nut, round aluminum washers, Copper flat gasket, big cap aluminum core pulling rivet, blind hole pressure riveting stud, carbon steel upside-down four-corner nail furniture four-claw nut, Q190 screw, fixing pin, semi-circular head extended socket head cap screw, hollow copper column, All-tooth socket head cap screws and other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if you need, please contact us.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

The more complex inlaid embedded copper nut copper insert nut specification is M8, this copper insert nut is embedded in the injection molded part of the car, 5 twill embossing, 4 left twill embossing, 1 right twill embossing Knurling. Since there are multiple rolling patterns, double tool rests + double embossing rests are used, and 5 grooves and 2 chamfers are inserted at one time by a widening forming knife. The hot-pressed copper insert nut contains Reticulated and straight lines, the outer circle is conical, in the process of hot pressing to facilitate smooth introduction into the plastic hole.

Made to order 12.9

The advantages of the pressure riveting nut: 1. The length guarantee of the distance range is realized, which greatly simplifies the assembly process and speeds up the production progress of the assembled spacing panel and accessories; 2. The back of the plate is completely embedded and flat, while ensuring the head of the nut column The plane is smooth with the plate; 3. The raw material is free-cutting iron or free-cutting stainless steel; the technical guide for the application of the pressure riveting standoff: 1. When selecting the standoff, it must be based on the thickness of the plate used, the exact size range, and the hardness of the low-carbon steel plate must be less than 70RB, the hardness of stainless steel plate must be less than 80RB. 2. The surface of free-cutting iron is treated, and the stainless steel maintains its original color. Users can order according to the model and specifications in the table according to their needs, or they can also make special orders according to their needs. 3. The hole size of the plate must be processed according to the tolerance size of 0-+0.075mm, and punching is recommended. 4. The installation must be realized by press riveting operation, and it must not be knocked in by impact. 5. When the material is stainless steel, the tail number should be marked with S. 6. The end face of the nut column is represented by C. 7. The length of the through-hole nut column is full wire below 10mm. If it is above 10mm, it can be reamed on the hexagonal end face (type I) or the round end face (type II).

High Strength Hexagon Screws


Use performance self-tapping screws for self-tapping screws with a diameter of 0.8mm to 12mm. For this type of screw, it generally has a high hardness. Self-tapping screws must be screwed into the test, that is, screw the screw into a test plate to check whether the hardness of the screw meets the standard. The shape of the drill tail, the hardness of this kind of screw is very strong. Compared with ordinary screws, it not only has better maintenance ability, but also has a very strong effect in connecting objects. For screws with this performance, it is generally not necessary. Auxiliary processing can directly drill a hole on the object and lock it into the object, which is not only very convenient to use, but also greatly improves work efficiency. This kind of drill screw can be said to be the first choice of the staff in various fields.


The two combination screws are classified according to the national standard, including GB9074.2, GB9074.3, GB9074.5, etc. GB9074.3 refers to a two-component combination of a cross pan head screw and a foreign lock washer.


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