Customized 12.9-grade black half-tooth hex bolt external hexagon screw 3/4

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: square rivet nuts, hexagonal hexagon screws, POSH parts gaskets, metric hexagon thin nuts, type 1 hexagon nuts, thickened heavy nuts, shrapnel ball nuts Blocks, cylindrical socket head cap screws, boxed screws, flat washers GB1228, female and female nails, copper core through-hole blind hole hand-tight nuts, nylon hexagonal posts, screw flat washer spring washer combination, black set bolts and other fasteners, due to the product The materials and specifications are different, and the prices are also different. Please contact us if you need it.

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Screw head table

Make further details to make the technical scheme of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. easier to understand and master. As shown in Figure 1, Yueluo is a schematic diagram of the thread design structure of the plastic screw of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. It can be seen from the figure that this creation mainly controls the tooth angle of the thread. Compared with the normal tooth angle of many self-tapping screws, which are 48 degrees, 60 degrees and 34.5 degrees, the tooth angle of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. The profile angle is formed by a 30-degree asymmetrical thread I. In particular, the asymmetrical thread I has a forward thread angle greater than the reverse thread angle. A more preferred embodiment is an asymmetric thread. The tooth profile angle α of the in-line installation is 20 degrees, and the tooth profile angle β of the reverse installation is 10 degrees. With this narrower non-stacked thread, the radial pressure on the plastic material is effectively reduced. In addition, the connecting bottom surface 11 between the screw teeth is designed as a circular arc surface. In the process of forming the self-tapping thread, it is more conducive to the flow of the material and the formation of the thread, and at the same time, the material can be more closely matched with the screw. Moreover, the radial pressure of the casing is relatively uniform, and the formed threads are not easily damaged. Yueluo has been tested by a series of professional parameters. Compared with other traditional screws, the plastic screws designed by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. have better radial pressure, shell deformation after installation, load distribution, installation torque, drawing The force distribution, the strength of the pull-out force and the mounting torque range all show advantages. In particular, it can be installed with less torque to achieve the same clamping force and pulling force. Compared with a specific parameter, the thread strength of Delta-PT is 387N, while the thread strength of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. reaches 452N. Yueluo can understand the plastic screw structure and implementation of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. detailed above. It can be understood that through the improvement of the special thread structure, the radial pressure and installation torque during screw installation are reduced, and the damage to the plastic hole is reduced; And the pull-out resistance of the screw is increased, and it is not easy to appear loose in the assembly. At the same time, the design of the bottom surface of the connection between the threads of the arc optimizes the flow of the material of the installation object, which improves the integrity of the installation connection.

Made to order 12.9

It can be seen from the figure that no matter how the screw core swings, it will not fall off from the screw sleeve. This is because part of the bead 5 is stuck in the hole 6 of the screw sleeve 1 and the other part is stuck in the screw core 2. In the groove 8, it plays the role of positioning. If the screw sleeve rotates clockwise, the beads 5 can only slide in the groove 8 of the screw core 2 under the driving of the screw sleeve 1 and cannot drive the screw core 2 to rotate. If the screw sleeve 8 rotates in the opposite direction, the bead 5 will be stuck on the stop 7 of the screw core 2 so as to drive the screw core 2 to rotate.

black teeth

Hex bolts

Dowels are made on the steering seat on the ball head of the car, and the rollers are assembled to the steering seat through the dowels. The prior art is manual driving of the pins, and the position of the pins is inaccurate when driving the pins, the labor intensity is high, the efficiency is low, and the quality of the steering seat is also affected. Therefore, it is necessary to design an automatic pin-driving mechanism to drive the pins into the steering seat. .

Hexagon Screw

In order to achieve the above purpose, Yueluo provides the following technical solutions: threaded rivets include a nail rod, an expansion piece, and a nail sleeve, one end of the nail rod is provided with a mounting piece, and the side of the mounting piece away from the nail rod is movably installed with a mounting piece. There is a driving mechanism. The driving mechanism includes a mounting cylinder and a movable rod. A cross groove is formed at one end of the mounting piece close to the driving mechanism. The rod is movably installed on the inner side of the installation cylinder, and one end of the movable rod close to the cross groove is fixedly provided with a cross connecting piece that matches the cross groove, the cross connecting piece is matched with the cross groove, and the movable rod is far away from the cross groove. One end of the cross connecting piece is fixedly provided with a fixing piece, the fixing piece and the installation cylinder are screwed together by threads, the expansion piece is sleeved on the outer side of the nail rod, and the nail sleeve is movably installed on the nail rod away from the driving mechanism The outer side of one end of the nail rod is movably installed with a fixing mechanism.


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