Production of 304 stainless steel CM head hexagonal large flat head flat C head low head hexagon socket screw

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: open meson, butterfly nut, galvanized thickened nylon lock nut, large and small head screws, Dongguan Yueluo production, six-sided nuts, black zinc-plated pan head screws , GB outer hexagon bolts, hand-tightening nuts, beef tendon Oxford shock absorbers, hexagon nut fasteners, A3 round nuts, hexagonal K-shaped nuts, non-slip GB806 through-hole blind holes, Guangdong screw self-locking nuts, etc. Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Riveting products provide great convenience for the unilateral connection of sheet parts, fast and efficient connection without bulky installation tools, and produce reliable standard internal and external threads, achieve cold installation after surface treatment, no pollution, is welding Effective alternative to nuts. Main applications: Auto-body, seat belt systems, bumpers, airbag systems, etc. 1. One-way drawing connection 2. Build standard internal and external threads 3. General product range: M3-M124. Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum 5. High quality air tools - efficient, economical, lightweight and easy to operate. Use the same principle as hand rivet nuts.

Production of 304 stainless steel

Although this structure can prevent the shaft from rotating radially to a certain extent, it also has some obvious defects: firstly, the positioning block needs to be opened during processing, and secondly, the opening of the positioning block needs to be opened. After the deformation, the contact between the positioning block and the shaft becomes line-to-line contact, so that the contact area between the positioning block and the shaft is reduced, and the force generated to overcome the radial rotation of the shaft is correspondingly changed. less, so there is a risk that the shaft can turn radially.

CM head hex

big flat head

The positioning pin is a pin designed to accurately position the two adjacent parts of the mold in a mold composed of two or more parts. It can be seen that the positioning pin plays a positioning role, and the mold must be accurately synchronized when it is closed. product, and the positioning pin can make the upper and lower molds play a role in accurate positioning. In the mold design and manufacture of Yueluo, the positioning pin is one of the most common parts. Since it is only used for positioning between parts, few people will pay too much attention to it. In the cold stamping process of Yueluo, the dimensional accuracy of the blanking parts depends on the size of the working part of the punch and the concave die, and the dimensional difference between them constitutes the blanking die gap. Gap is an important process parameter for die design, and its size has a great influence on the quality of the section of the blanking part, the blanking force, and the life of the die. If the gap is too large, punching burrs will appear in punching; if the gap is too small, secondary cracks will occur in the section and extrusion burrs will appear, which will make the quality of the section after punching unsatisfactory, and a reasonable gap will not only help the punching section. The improvement of quality also contributes to the improvement of the lifespan of the 5-pack.

C head bow

Head type broadcast 1. Hexagon head (hexagon head) 2. Hexagon head with flange (hexagon head with flange) 3. Square head (square head) 4. T head T head (hammer head) 5. Mushroom head (truss head) 6. Cheese head 7. Round head 8. Pan head 9. Countersunk head (flat head) 10. Raised countersunk head (oval

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