Production of 304 stainless steel inner hexagon with pad oil plug flange face plug oil plug screw plug stuffy head stop payment 5/8

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: high head knurled screw, wave flat washer, gun pull cap gun, round head Torx screw, PC board rivet, left-hand screw, GB/T61701 hexagon nut, DIN444 screw , Wood screw, 8-level blackened flat washer, European standard profile slider nut, joint bolt, 304 national standard GB12615 stainless steel rivet, Q411 standard, GB853 washer and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications, Prices also vary, please contact us if necessary.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

The main purpose of the screw is to make the industrial product form a fixed one. In use, it often happens that the teeth cannot be closely attached, the screw head will be broken if the screw is locked too hard, or the tooth pattern is not properly locked, etc., and the use conditions are not met, all of which are quality. the problem of accuracy. Screws are mass products, not handmade works of art. In mass production, the purpose is to achieve high-precision and stable quality and popular prices to supply consumers. The accuracy of screws is usually 6g, and the rough screws used in construction projects are 10g. The value of screws is very important. In the world, there are examples of automobile factories going bankrupt because of poor screw quality; there are also examples of planes falling and vehicles being overturned because of poor screw quality.

Production of 304 stainless steel

A nut is a commonly used fastener, usually combined with a screw to form a set of fastening devices. In order to effectively achieve a more effective tightening effect and prevent a single nut from loosening by itself, two nuts are used together in many places to further increase the tightening effect;

Hexagon socket oil plug with gasket

Flange face plug

At present, there are two methods for removing rivets in the market, one is non-destructive manual removal, which has low work efficiency and high work intensity. The other is mechanical destructive dismantling, such as the electric drill dismantling method. This method has high work efficiency, but it is easy to cause damage to the riveted product, and it is easy to cause the rivet to splash, and the operation is dangerous.

Oil plug screw plug

At present, the convex washers with traditional structures on the market have unreasonable designs and complex structures, and are inconvenient to install and disassemble. After long-term use, they are prone to fracture and deformation due to poor toughness, resulting in short service life and requiring regular downtime for maintenance, affecting assembly. The working efficiency and safety of its equipment are also poor in terms of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. Regular replacement and maintenance also increase the economic cost of production. Therefore, the convex gasket of the existing structure can no longer meet the existing mechanical requirements. The high standard use requirements of assembly auxiliary parts are urgently needed to be solved at present.


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