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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: ball screw precision screw nut, 304 core pulling screw round head rivet, elevator screw, thin cylinder head bolt, hot-dip galvanized washer, hexagonal head cross combination bolt, tightening Firmware processing, inch washers, hexagonal screws, GB29.2 screws, external serrated anti-skid washers, stud bolts, aluminum flat head rivets, small hexagonal flange bolts, nickel-plated flat head rivets and other fasteners, due to the product material Different specifications and different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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With the advancement of technology in various industries, the current structural design of screws has evolved from just simple locking to focusing on work efficiency during the locking process and not destroying the integrity of the objects to be locked. The new cases such as No. 556784 screw improvement and No. 289414 screw that integrates locking, stability, labor-saving, fast and multi-function, which were previously designed and approved and published in the Central Taiwan Bulletin, are the main representatives of screws. It is clear that It is learned that the two cases not only fully improve the shortcomings of the traditional simple locking screws, but also achieve the purpose of substantial improvement of the screws designed in each case in actual use.

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There is a standard for the outer hexagon bolt standard, which is a grade standard, which is divided into grade 4.8 and grade 8.8. These two levels are used a lot in the market. Especially grade 4.8 hex head bolts. Because it is much cheaper than 8.8 hex bolts. Of course it is more widely used. But for demanding products. Because of its high requirements in various aspects such as hardness. This requires the use of 8.8 hex bolts. Grade 8.8 hex bolts are harder in terms of hardness and screw torque. It is safer to use the product. Tighter and more stable.

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Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. discloses a low-carbon steel rivet nut fastened to a thin-walled and thin-plate fastener. The rivet nut fastener is composed of a brim, a deformed skirt, and a threaded hole. Using low carbon steel cold extrusion, the brim is formed by cold heading, the deformed skirt is extruded in the concave die, and the thread hole of the nut tapping skirt is extruded at the lower end of the deformed skirt. It is characterized in that there are fish teeth under the brim; the outer side of the lower end of the threaded hole has a lead angle; the cross-section of the thread of the inner wall of the threaded hole is an isosceles trapezoid, and the upper bottom of the trapezoid is a concave solitary shape, and the fastener does not need to be welded. , Single-sided riveting, easy operation and firm connection.

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For a long time, the rivets used in general riveting, especially the ordinary rivets and bolts and other fasteners commonly used in steel structures such as vehicles and bridges, have low connection reliability, especially under alternating load and impact conditions. Looseness is easy to occur, the maintenance cycle is short, and the maintenance cost is high in the later period, which cannot meet the requirements of railway freight.

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