Customized white body high-speed steel HSS straight handle twist drill with iron copper aluminum toughness wear-resistant 3/4

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: copper stud nuts, GR2TA2 screws, German standard DIN125 gaskets, implosion screws, GB867 dome head rivets, toothed hexagon nuts, wave elastic spring washers, Anti-loosening screws with pads, steel internal threaded pins, gaskets and washers, fish scale tube three-piece expansion pipe bolts, galvanized lead screw copper posts, triangular anti-theft bolts, lifting ring nuts, screws and nuts, large cap brim closed rivets, etc. Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Locking of screws belongs to the prior art. Or by means of a visual method (X-ray control) a more or less complex aiming device is inserted into the transverse hole of the screw. In both cases a certain misalignment is unavoidable, ie the screw may not be coaxial with the central axis of the transverse hole and deviate from it by a certain value. In order for the locking screw to pass into and through the transverse hole despite this misalignment, the outer diameter of the screw is determined to be a size smaller than the diameter of the transverse hole. If the aiming is not maintained within this small dimension value, the locking screw can pass through the transverse hole without difficulty despite the aiming error. Now, however, the locking screw has a certain clearance relative to the transverse hole due to the determination of a smaller size value.

Customized white body high speed steel

The shaft and gear of financial self-service equipment are often connected by elastic straight groove cylindrical pins. When repairing, the traditional disassembly method is to use the shaft and gear as components. After disassembling together, align the punch with the elastic pin by hand, and use a hammer to remove the elastic pin. Pin out. With this disassembly method, the human hand is easily injured, and the disassembly efficiency is low.

HSS straight shank twist drill

With iron copper aluminum

In the prior art, the spring washer has a certain anti-loosening effect. However, due to the unreasonable design structure, the upper and lower pressing forces of the spring washer and the spring washer's anti-return force are poorly matched, resulting in the smooth surface and the bolt head. The friction between the nut and the connected parts is small. When the bolt or nut is subjected to strong vibration, the bolt or nut will still loosen. Therefore, the anti-loosening effect of the above spring washer still needs to be improved.

Toughness and wear resistance

In the current plastic matrix, it is common to use self-tapping screws or add copper inserts during injection molding. The former has poor strength, and the threaded hole is easy to crack; the processing cost is high, the injection molding efficiency is low, the labor cost and manufacturing cost are increased, and the insert is easy to slip and crack on the plastic, and the thread strength of the copper insert is not as high as that of the iron nut.


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