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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: 1189 flange bolts, color-plated square nuts and nuts, full-threaded screws, open and closed half hexagon small flat head cylindrical size countersunk head pressure riveting nuts, fine hexagonal thin screw caps , Narrow-sided flat washer, multi-tooth washer, U-bolt with nut, hexagon head flange bolt, metal lock nut, self-tightening nut, flat round head socket head cap screw, countersunk head screw, set full flat washer outer hexagon Screws, flat washers and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications, the price is also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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According to an aspect of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd., a rivet insertion mechanism is provided, including a pressure cylinder, a pressure shaft, an insertion nozzle, a bottom plate, a fixing block and a rivet fixing mechanism, wherein one end of the pressure shaft is connected with the pressure cylinder, and the other end is connected with the pressure cylinder. The insertion nozzle is connected, the fixing block is sleeved on the pressing shaft, and is fixedly connected with the bottom plate, the rivet fixing mechanism is installed on the bottom plate, and the insertion nozzle extends into the rivet fixing mechanism and can extend from the rivet fixing mechanism.

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For common screw belts, please refer to the Central Taiwan Announcement No. 327449 on February 21, 1998, Screw Belts (2), which includes a main body with multiple grooves on the side of the main body for the purpose of locking screw tools to drive the belt. A toggler; and a plurality of nail grooves are arranged on the nail belt so that the screw planting is arranged in an arrangement, and the nail grooves are all provided with through holes, and the through holes extend downward with a ring to form a support portion for the screws; and the It is surrounded and provided with a plurality of cutting grooves, which is beneficial for the screw to be rotated through the nail groove; and it is characterized in that the nail groove is located on the inner wall surface of the surrounding and is provided with a plurality of lobes, and these lobes are implanted in the screw. In the nail groove, the leaflet supports the screw, so that the screws with different outer diameters are fully supported and positioned by the leaflet; and/or the upper part of the leaflet is inclined or curved, so that a depression is formed above the ring to support the screw The arc surface or tapered surface of the neck can make the screw more stable to be supported.

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However, although the existing screw can meet the function of connecting and tightening objects, its structure includes a head and a threaded rod connected with the head. Since it only has one threaded rod, it does not have a two-way connection function and cannot be satisfied with the Some special use requirements bring inconvenience to use.

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In the prior art, spring pads are fixed to the seat pan or to the height adjuster tube. However, in the absence of a seat pan, additional components are required to secure the spring pads to prevent movement of the spring pads in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle. FIG. 1 shows such a seat spring pad 2 , which is fixed to the seat pad 1 by means of additional fixing parts 4 . Additional weight is added due to the use of additional fixing parts and a separate step is required in the assembly process to connect the fixing parts to the spring pads. During use, there may be noise between the spring cushion and the seat cushion

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