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We have more than ten years of experience in the screw industry, the main products are: cross flat head children's crib screws and nuts, machine screw screws, anti-corrosion 8.8 screws, rivet nuts and nuts for pressure riveting parts, semi-circle head square neck bolts, lengthened copper Nut, cotter pin locating pin, umbrella head dome head bolt, iron nut, plum handle screw, pin fixing pin, vertical rivet nut, PA66 nylon screw, 8.8 grade blue and white zinc hexagonal flange nut, CLS pressure riveting screw For fasteners such as caps, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different. If you need it, please contact us.

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1. Material strain hardening When the material is cyclically loaded, the phenomenon of cyclic strain hardening or cyclic strain softening will occur, that is, under the condition of constant cyclic strain, the stress amplitude will increase or decrease with the increase of the number of cycles. . After several cycles, the stress amplitude enters a cyclic steady state. The low-cycle fatigue of the lock nut is carried out under the condition that the strain is constant, and the strain hardening or softening of the threaded piece will affect the size of its maximum unscrewing torque. The alloy steel used to make the lock nut is a cyclic strain hardening material, and the hardening of the material will increase the elastic restoring force FN of the threaded sheet and increase the unscrewing torque.

Customized disc spring washers

slotted screw comprises a screw rod, one end of the screw rod is connected to the middle of the bottom surface of the screw head, the side wall of one end of the screw rod away from the screw head is provided with a screw slot in the vertical direction, the screw The bottom surface of the head is in seamless contact with the top surface of the buffer wear-resistant pad, the buffer wear-resistant pad is connected with the screw rod by threads, and the buffer wear-resistant pad is provided with several shock-absorbing holes equally spaced along the circumference.

Butterfly disc spring


The existing welding stud only has one welding spot on the top surface of the screw head, and the welding stud is relatively long and thick. When welding, the current will be relatively large, so that all the welding spots can be melted to complete the welding process. Because there is only one welding spot, and the welding stud is relatively long and thick, the increase of the current during welding will deform the melting point of the metal plate, which will lead to the penetration of the metal plate, which will lead to the concave and convex welding scars on the back of the welded plate, which will affect the appearance. Only one welding spot is located to be welded with the metal plate. During welding, the uneven parallelism of one spot leads to insufficient stability and a certain slope. It is easy for workers to have insufficient stability and parallelism when operating, resulting in wasted time and high scrap rate. increase.


The safety of screws and bolts in important occasions is related to the safety of the overall operation of the equipment, especially in public places and open air places, the theft of screws will cause major safety hazards. It is easy to loosen, and there is a safety hazard in long-term use.


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