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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: Phillips cup head bolts, spring clips, double-way embedded inch cap locking through holes, inch self-locking nuts, button nylon copper posts, open cylindrical vertical lines Large nut, all-metal hexagonal self-locking nut, rubber gasket O-ring, copper nut, pull cap nut, iron countersunk head rivet, aluminum special nut, motorcycle screw, thin fine pitch hexagonal nut, fine-tuning screw, etc. Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Most of the existing screws use an integral metal structure, and there are still some problems, such as large weight, high cost of materials, wear resistance, hardness, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, brittleness, toughness, etc. Many occasions cannot meet the needs of production, and further improvements are needed to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve safety, and prolong the service life of screws.

Production of isolation columns

High-strength self-locking nuts are a category of self-locking nuts with high strength and reliability. It is mainly based on the introduction of European technology, which is used for road construction machinery, mining machinery, vibration machinery and equipment, etc. There are very few domestic manufacturers of such products.

Through copper column

Single head hexagon column

Rivets are widely used in the fixing of product components, and the process of inserting rivets into products is currently mostly done by manpower. However, relying on manpower to insert rivets has low automation and low efficiency, which is not conducive to large-scale Production.

Double-pass knurled round copper column

Rivets for blind holes, including a cap head and a hole post, the cap head is fixed on one end face of the hole post, a tip is formed on the other end face of the hole post, and the end of the hole post close to the cap head is along its side circumference An annular groove is formed concave inward. After the hole column of the blind hole is placed in the blind hole position of the metal piece, the tip of the end face of the hole column is squeezed into the metal material under the end face of the hole column under the action of external force, and the metal material on the side of the hole column is also affected by the hole. The extrusion of the side of the column makes part of the metal material completely squeezed into the annular groove, so that the annular groove is filled more firmly, and at the same time, the tip is squeezed into the metal material, which can double-position the rivet. Therefore, the self-riveting of the rivet is realized. The rivet also has the advantages of simple structure, simple and fast installation, and no cracking caused by impact and other undesirable phenomena.


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