Processing black cross countersunk head KA self-tapping screw pointed tail flat head gong wire electronic glasses small screw 5/8

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: pull female rivet nuts, bolt and screw sets, Q340 hexagon nuts, mushroom screws, GB9074. I-beam snap ring screws, metric screw screws, ANSIB18.21.1 gaskets, safety bolts, white M gaskets, single-head welding lugs, elevator screws, galvanized rod bolts and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications , the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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A rivet is a nail-shaped object with a cap on one end: in riveting, the parts being riveted are joined by their own deformation or by interference. There are many types of rivets, and they are informal. However, the two ends of conventional rivets are concentric, which is not suitable for special occasions.

Processing black cross countersunk head

through-hole mounting nut, comprising a hexagonal portion 1 and a cylindrical portion 2, a threaded hole 3 is provided between the hexagonal portion 1 and the cylindrical portion 2, and two grooves 4 are opened on the cylindrical portion 2, and each of the two sides of the groove 4 has a The raised side 5, the two sides protruding from the sheet metal part 7, if squeezed or hit by the bolt 8, it will bend to both sides and buckle on the sheet metal part, so that it is not welded directly. Rubber can also be used. Each of the upper surfaces of the side edges 5 is provided with a convex point 6 so that the hammer will not slip when hitting.

KA self-tapping screws

Pointed tail flat head gong wire

In the process of completing the adjustment of the position of the object, the nut will move up and down with the entry and exit of the screw, and it cannot make a sound for people to perceive, and it cannot provide people with a position change distance through the action of rotation.

Electronic glasses small screws

Stainless Steel Nuts Hexagon Nuts (GB6170/DIN934), Thin Nuts (GB6172/DIN439), Heavy Nuts (Metric, US), Nylon Lock Nuts (DIN985-DIN982 Thick), All Metal Lock Nuts (DIN980M), Cap Nuts (DIN1587), Flange Nuts (GB6177/DIN6923), Flange Nuts Nylon Lock Nuts (DIN6926), Square Weld Nuts (DIN928), Hex Weld Nuts (DIN929), Butterfly Caps (GB62, DIN315, American), K cap, etc. Specifications: M1.6-M64


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