Customized pan head with pad carbon steel galvanized machine tooth screw PWM with medium electronic screw 5/8

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: French standard flat washer, pull cap nut, round nut nut, stainless steel pin, square nut square nut, shaft bolt, blue and white zinc pressure riveting parts pressure riveting Round nuts, hand-knocking rivets, Yueluo produces non-standard nuts, semi-circle head bolts, aluminum alloy models, FH carbon steel rivets, car nuts, thumb screws, connecting rod locks and other fasteners, due to the product material and Specifications vary, prices vary, please contact us if necessary.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

In another embodiment of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd., the discharge port of the vibrating plate 2 is matched with the screw receiving hole 35, and the screws can enter the screw receiving hole 35 through the discharge port after sorting and sorting in the vibrating plate 2. . Preferably, a guide rail 6 is provided between the discharge port of the vibrating plate 2 and the screw accommodating hole 35, and the screws enter the screw accommodating hole 46 from the discharge port through the guide rail 6. The slotting is carried out, which improves the efficiency and saves the labor cost.

Customized pan head with cushion

The contact surface between the existing chassis and the main board is generally not a horizontal plane due to processing reasons, especially the main board is prone to warping deformation. It will increase, resulting in deformation of the motherboard and poor memory contact, affecting normal use.

Carbon steel galvanized machine screw

PWM band introduction

The grooved embedded parts are usually connected by bolts, and there are many types of T-bolts used with the grooved embedded parts. position, so that the T-bolt can form a stable connection with the groove-type embedded part, but in the actual installation process, the T-bolt pressed into the groove-type embedded part is prone to loosening problems, so it is difficult to better Fixed in trough embedded parts.

Electronic screw

Many customers ask what is the difference between a rivet nut and a rivet nut, and how to use it? Let's take a look at the difference between a rivet nut and a rivet nut with Yueluo. First of all, in terms of appearance, you can look at the differences in appearance. In terms of appearance, the difference between the rivet nut and the pressure rivet nut is still very big, but their main functions are almost the same. They all provide threads for thin plates, but the way of installation is different. The method of installation greatly determines the purpose and use of a nut. First of all, the installation method of the riveting nut is to use the riveting equipment to carry out the riveting, so it is suitable for use in the place where the riveting is not easy for the square tube and the round tube. The rivet nut also makes up for some of the shortcomings of electric welding, such as aesthetics, and places that are not easy to weld, such as thin plates.


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