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We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: flat head chamfered hexagon socket head screw, hexagon socket self-tapping screw, open type pull stud, round head socket head cap screw, missing corner gasket, fan screw, through-hole six-star Torx handle nuts, accessories hexagonal screws, Q401 flat washers, limit bolts, flat head pins, black nylon flat washers, PTFE gasket seals, fisheye screw bolts, tie rod aircraft body aluminum rod internal teeth nuts and other fasteners, Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, please contact us if necessary.

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High-strength self-locking nut for boats and bridges, it can convert the friction force into the expansion force between the bolt and the slot nut to achieve excellent self-locking effect. There are two slots on the upper part of the ESL nut. When the nut is tightened on the bolt, the thread of the bolt will be screwed into the slot of the cross section of the nut, and the thread will be gradually locked by the side wall of the nut to achieve the function of self-locking. The exquisite production process can keep the torque type of the locking element consistent, and the products are generally used in railway casting, rail transit, transmission system, mining equipment, highway, military, oil production machinery, automobile industry, public facilities, subway, engine, construction machinery , aerospace, drilling equipment, bridges, generators, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding industry, metallurgical equipment, trains, compressors, medical machinery, signal systems, wind power generation

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In order to achieve the above purpose, Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. provides the following technical solution: a square nut, including a nut body, the nut body is in the shape of a cube, the side length is 7.6mm, the height is 2.4mm, and the nut body is up and down. Both ends are respectively provided with a circular protrusion and a circular protrusion with a height of 0.25mm, the circular protrusion and the circular protrusion are respectively tangent to the upper and lower surfaces of the nut body which are square, and the circular protrusion and the circular protrusion are respectively tangent to the square upper and lower surfaces of the nut body. The protrusion and the circular protrusion are provided with a through hole in the middle and penetrate through the nut body. The opening of the through hole is provided with a chamfer of 30°, and the inner wall of the through hole is provided with a thread. There are several strip-shaped protrusions from the circumference inward to the opening of the through hole, and a number of strip-shaped grooves are arranged from the opening of the through hole outward to the circumference of the circular protrusion. There is a chamfer of 15° extending outward to the prism of the nut body.

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The development of a structure with simple production, reasonable structure and stable feeding is of great significance to the field of riveting automation. Technical realization elements: The purpose of this utility model is to overcome the deficiencies in the prior art, and to provide an automatic feeding device for pressure riveting nuts, which has a compact structure and a reasonable design, and can realize the automatic conveying of the pressure riveting nut on the pressure riveting die. Reduce the use of space, improve work efficiency and save labor costs. According to the technical scheme provided by the utility model: the automatic feeding device for riveting nuts, which is characterized in that: it includes an installation bracket, a connecting frame, a flap bracket, a material pushing cylinder, a material pushing block and a flap; the flap bracket is arranged on the installation Below the bracket and attached to the mounting bracket through the connecting bracket.

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In the prior art, the screw suction device can be implemented in the following two ways. One is to use a magnet to magnetize the electric bit head, and the electric bit head is used to approach the screw, and the screw is stuck by the electric bit head, so that the function of picking up the screw can be realized; The vacuum generator is used to form a negative pressure in the screw guide groove, and the screw is sucked into the tube to realize the screw pickup. The disadvantage of this solution is that in the process of picking up the screws, the grooves of the screws cannot be aligned, which leads to the deviation or leakage of the screws. The disadvantage of this solution is that the screw with an aspect ratio of less than 1.5 is prone to suction and skew, and the stability is not high. It can be seen that the existing technology still needs to be improved and developed.


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