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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: copper flat gasket, multi-functional integrated cap nut, UNI6952, cap ball head copper cap female, expansion explosion screw, trimming screw, black plated countersunk head hexagon socket Bolts, thread studs, DIN1481 pins, screws and nuts, hex screws and nuts, flanged plate nuts, metric bolts, reversed screws, dacromet-plated screws, pull-through blind rivets and other fasteners, due to the product The materials and specifications are different, and the prices are also different. Please contact us if you need it.

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Rivets are mostly used for fixed riveting and movable riveting between parts. The rivets used for movable riveting are mostly cylindrical, and there is no size limit for riveted parts, which is easy to cause parts to be squeezed and deformed during riveting. For example, The parts are inserted into the parts for active riveting. When riveting, the riveting force can easily cause the parts to clamp the parts, which in turn causes difficulty in the movement of the parts and the parts, high operating force and noise problems, and the parts are easily damaged.

Customized small screws

The main purpose of the screw is to make the industrial product form a fixed one. In use, it often happens that the teeth cannot be closely attached, the screw head will be broken if the screw is locked too hard, or the tooth pattern is not properly locked, etc., and the use conditions are not met, all of which are quality. the problem of accuracy. Screws are mass products, not handmade works of art. In mass production, the purpose is to achieve high-precision and stable quality and popular prices to supply consumers. The accuracy of screws is usually 6g, and the rough screws used in construction projects are 10g. The value of screws is very important. In the world, there are examples of automobile factories going bankrupt because of poor screw quality; there are also examples of planes falling and vehicles being overturned because of poor screw quality.

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National standard lock nut GB/T 6182-2000 Type 2 non-metallic insert hexagonal lock nut. GB/T 6183.1-2000 Non-metallic insert hexagonal flange lock nuts. GB/T 6183.2-2000 Non-metallic insert hexagonal flange lock nuts - fine pitch. GB/T 6184-2000 Type 1 All-Metal Hexagon Lock Nuts. GB/T 6185.1-2000 Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts. GB/T 6185.2-2000 Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts with fine teeth. GB/T 6186-2000 Type 2 All-Metal Hexagon Lock Nuts Grade 9. GB/T 6187.1-2000 All-metal hexagonal flange lock nuts. GB/T 6187.2-2000 All-metal hexagonal flange lock nut with fine teeth. GB/T 889.1-2000 Type 1 non-metallic insert hexagon lock nuts. GB/T 889.2-2000 Type 1 non-metallic insert hexagonal lock nut fine pitch.

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2. Wall panel nails 1. Hardness of the heart: Standard: HRC24-45. 2. Surface hardness: Standard: HV600-800. 3. Carburized layer: 4#-6# 0.05-0.18mm, 8#-12#0.10-0.23, 14# 0.13-0.28. 4. Bending degree: the requirement is 150-450 5. Salt spray test: generally MIN 48h. 6. Torque: Specification 6#7#8#10# Torque 21283558. 3. Drilling screw 1. Hardness of the heart: Standard: HRC32-40 The actual measurement of the company's products is HRC31.7-39.0. 2. Surface hardness: Standard: HV600-700 The actual measurement of the company's products is about HV620. 3. Hard penetration layer: 4#-6#: 0.05-0.18mm 8#-12#: 0.10-0.23mm 14#: 0.15-0.28mm 4. Torque: specification, drill tail, screw, TYPE BSDTYPE CSDINCH-LBKG- CMINCH-LBKG-CM4# (2.9) 141614166# (3.5) 242824288# (4.2) 4248485510# (4.8) 6170657512# (5.5) 9210610011514# (6.3) 150173156180.


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