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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: baby carriage fastener copper column, national standard square hexagon spot welding nut, pull bolt, Mn three-wave peak washer, sink cup screw, 410 stainless steel screw, ingot claw nut , Rubber gasket, double-headed screw, stud screw, round head stainless steel circular knurled hand-tight nut, extended screw screw, round spacer column, non-rusting copper column, spring washer standard specifications and other fasteners, Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, please contact us if necessary.

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door cover structure with hidden screws includes a glass panel, an inner door cover, a computer board and a sealing strip, an adhesive bracket is adhered to the back of the glass panel, the inner door cover is fixedly connected with the adhesive bracket through screws, and the computer board is arranged on the glass panel. In the cavity formed by the panel and the inner door cover, the inner door cover is provided with a sealing slot, the sealing strip is embedded in the sealing slot, and the bottom of the sealing slot is provided with a mounting hole for the screw to pass through, and the glue The bracket is provided with a fixing hole matched with a screw thread, and the screw passes through the installation hole of the inner door cover and is threadedly connected with the fixing hole of the adhesive bracket, so as to fixedly connect the inner door cover and the glass panel. The screw is hidden in the sealing groove of the door cover, and is sealed with water through the sealing strip. The appearance is beautiful, easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can effectively protect the screw from rust.

Wholesale iron black elastic cylindrical pin

Ordinary nuts are suitable for use in fixed-load equipment. Ordinary nuts are used to fix on stationary workpieces and cooperate with flat and spring washers to ensure the reliability of the nut. However, on moving workpieces with vibration loads, the equipment may The vibration caused the nut to loosen. As a kind of nut, the slotted nut is used to connect the two mechanical equipment tightly. It is mainly used in the occasions with vibration load or alternating load. It is used in conjunction with the split pin to ensure the nut lock. The reliability of tightening is often used as a lock nut to prevent the main nut from loosening back.

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Locating pin hollow pin

In the prior art, there are two ways to feed the screws of the locking screw machine, the air blowing type and the air suction type. The air suction type is suitable for relatively small screws. If the screw size is larger than M2, smaller than M5, and the length-diameter ratio is larger than 1.7, the air-blown screw machine can be selected.

Elastic cotter pin

Knurled copper nut, the specification is M5X8X12, the outer circle is 8.0MM, and the height is 12MM. Material: C3604 (ROHS PASS) brass. The thread still guarantees 6H accuracy. This knurled copper nut is used in power tools. Unlike other knurled copper nuts, the diamond pattern of this knurled copper nut is located in the middle of the product, and the diamond-shaped mesh knurled wheel edge The large outer circular step surface is rolled out of diamond-shaped flowers.


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