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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: cylindrical pin shaft, complete set of accessories, extended screw nut, umbrella head cross machine screw bolt, expansion hook wall hanging bolt, air conditioning bracket expansion screw, extended hexagonal screw, hex socket Lengthening bolts, flat round head torx bolts, centering pins for sub-shafts, marine lifting ring nuts, 10.9 countersunk head screws, ASMEB1821 screws, machine wire umbrella head screws, 14.9 grade screws, butt-locking screws GB869 countersunk head rivets etc. Firmware, due to different product materials and specifications, the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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The beneficial effects of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. are: the chip nut provided by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. has a circle of serrated teeth protruding outward on the edge of the welding end face. During welding, excess solder After overflowing, it flows into the peripheral serrated convex tooth gap. In this way, on the one hand, the solder on the welding end face can be made uniform, and the welded chip nut can be neat and beautiful. On the other hand, the overflowed solder is combined with the serrated convex tooth gap. The welding area is increased, and the firmness and reliability of the welding are improved.

Wholesale 304 Stainless Steel

The retaining ring is a ring-shaped component fastened on the shaft and the inner hole. Its main function is to prevent other components installed on the shaft and the inner hole from sliding axially on the shaft. It is a fixed standard part.

Expansion screw


The grooved embedded parts are pre-embedded in concrete, and then placed in the groove with T-bolts. After adjusting the fixed position, the fixed object is locked with a nut to achieve the fixing effect. When the grooved embedded parts are embedded vertically in the concrete or at a certain angle to the horizontal line, the T-bolts are likely to move in position before they are tightened. In particular, when fixing heavy equipment, multiple T-bolts are required, and multiple groups of workers are required to help and positioning is difficult, and the installation process is complicated.

Peng Zhangzhang swells the national standard bolt explosion

In our life, there are many solid wood furniture. The parts of these furniture are positioned and connected by connecting parts such as screws or nails, so the surface of the furniture will leave marks of screws or nails, or even some cracks, so that the surface of the furniture will not be damaged. Flat, particularly unsightly.


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