Production of galvanized expansion screw hook expansion hook extension ring pull explosion bolt with ring hook hook

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Aiming at the shortcomings of the above-mentioned cabinets in the prior art that are assembled through hardware accessories, which affects the overall appearance, Yueluo provides a cabinet with a hidden screw-type installation structure and an assembling method thereof. The plate is fixed so that the screws can be hidden from the outside.

Production of galvanized expansion screws

In the existing life, repair parts are often used to repair the cassettes with damaged screw holes, and the screw holes on the repair parts are used instead of the original damaged cassette screw holes. However, in the prior art (application number: 201520948368.5), the restoration is fixed by rotating the support of the restoration, which is often inconvenient due to the small space of the cassette. In addition, the set screw in the prior art mainly fastens the object through the end of the screw without threaded holes, which makes it difficult to install external screws. Based on this, a method of extruding the support through a set screw with screw installation holes and tightening the repair piece, and then installing the screw on the set screw, will facilitate the quick installation and use of the repair piece.

hook up

Expansion hook extension

The elastic cylindrical pin, also known as the spring pin, is a headless hollow cylindrical body, which is slotted in the axial direction and chamfered at both ends. It is used for positioning, connection and fixation between parts. The outer diameter of the spring pin is usually slightly larger than the mounting hole. The deformation force generated by the elastic cylindrical pin to be restored to its original state by extrusion ensures the clamping effect of the elastic cylindrical pin. But just because of its clamping effect, it will play a big obstacle to the disassembly of the elastic cylindrical pin. When in use, the open end is extended out of the through hole on the pin shaft, and the open end is flared and separated to prevent the elastic cylindrical pin from sliding off the pin shaft to realize the function of preventing backlash. At present, the disassembly method of the elastic cylindrical pin usually uses a punching machine to remove the cylindrical pin, which easily destroys the equipment installed on the cylindrical pin, and the disassembled elastic cylindrical pin cannot be used again due to damage. One method is to insert the mounting pin with the clearance fit of the mandrel, punch the pin behind the mandrel to clamp the bottom of the cylindrical pin, and then pull out the cylindrical pin, which can only be used when the elastic mounting pin is installed in the through hole, and because it is necessary Applying force to the mandrel increases the difficulty of disassembly and increases the work intensity of the installer. Three methods are done by the installer using two needle nose pliers. Specifically, first use needle-nose pliers to clamp the ends of both sides of the elastic cylindrical pin, and then apply an inward force to the needle-nose pliers, so that both sides of the elastic cylindrical pin rotate in the same direction until the opening becomes smaller, and then Pull it out to remove it successfully. The defects of these existing methods are obvious. The shape of the disassembled elastic cylindrical pin is either unusable or the deformation of the cylindrical pin after disassembly is not uniform, which seriously affects the performance of the elastic cylindrical pin, resulting in waste and increased cost; The method is purely manual work, and sometimes it takes several repetitions to remove the elastic cylindrical pin. Due to the different installation positions of the elastic cylindrical pin, it sometimes increases the difficulty of disassembly, and it is difficult to remove the needle-nose pliers effectively. The pliers are difficult to construct, and the elastic cylindrical pins are easily damaged. If there are too many elastic cylindrical pins to be disassembled, the existing methods are often difficult to meet the needs, which not only consumes a lot of time and physical strength of the installer, but also makes it difficult to ensure the quality.

Lifting ring pull-out bolt

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. discloses a through-hole mounting nut, which includes a hexagonal portion and a cylindrical portion, a threaded hole is arranged between the hexagonal portion and the cylindrical portion, and the cylindrical portion is provided with a threaded hole. Two grooves, each of the two sides of the groove has a convex side, and the upper surface of the side is provided with a convex point; the advantage is that the two sides are squeezed by the bolt, Or after the hammer is struck, it will bend to both sides, and it can be fastened to both sides of the screw hole of the sheet metal without welding.

Hook with loop hook

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