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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: low square neck bolts, four-piece expansion pipe bolts, extended pull-out screws, wholesale type 2 nuts, filament fine buckle hexagon nuts, blackened left teeth nuts, Hexagonal copper bolts, nylon screws, flat head screws, flat washers, 10-grade fine pitch hexagonal nuts, ANSI bolts, left-handed left-handed nuts, large-end shrinking rods, round double inner teeth, TA2 pure titanium bolts, etc. Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Gaskets are primarily used to protect the bearing surfaces of the coupled pieces. Bolts, nuts, etc. are mostly made of medium carbon steel, and alloy steel is also used. When there are requirements for anti-corrosion or electrical conductivity, copper, copper alloy and other non-ferrous metals can also be used. The standards of China and many countries stipulate that threaded joints are graded according to their mechanical properties, and the grade code is marked on the fastener. The rivet is made of steel, aluminum alloy or copper alloy, etc., and the head has various shapes to meet the needs of different rivet seams.

Customized carbon steel

Screws and nuts, as the most commonly used fastening devices, have the defect that they may loosen and fall off, especially those in a long-term vibrating environment are more likely to loosen and fall off. Additional anti-off parts such as anti-off washers and anti-off caps are added, so that an extra anti-off part is used in the fastening process, and these anti-off parts are sometimes difficult to find when they are not always needed and are inconvenient to use.

cross countersunk head flat tail

Self-tapping screws

The main function of the spring washer is to prevent the nut from loosening. It is also known that: the existing spring washer is a ring made of spring steel, and then a gap is cut in the diameter direction on the ring, and the heads on both sides of the gap are cut. The material of the part is turned to two different sides of the ring to form a pawl, and the purpose of preventing loosening is achieved by the fit between the pawl and the nut on the surface and the workpiece. Obviously, only one pawl is used to achieve the purpose of preventing loosening. Since the braking force generated by one pawl is limited, there are defects of poor braking effect and poor anti-loosening effect.

black nickel plated

rotating rod is rotatably installed on one side of the two pillars that are close to each other, and a second bevel gear is welded on the ends of the two rotating rods that are close to each other. The two second bevel gears are meshed with the two first bevel gears respectively. , The first sprocket is welded on the two rotating rods, the chain is meshed on the two first sprockets, and the screw rods are installed on the sides of the two pillars that are close to each other. Above the rod, the second sprockets are welded on the two screw rods, the two second sprockets are connected to the two first sprockets through two chains respectively, and threaded blocks are threaded on the two screw rods. The sides of the two threaded blocks close to each other are symmetrically welded with connecting columns, and the sides of the four connecting columns close to each other are welded with movable rods respectively. The other ends of the support plates are respectively rotatably installed with the same support plate, and the assembly device body is fixedly installed on the top of the support plate.

Self-tapping screws

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