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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: pressure riveting screws and screws, furniture wood products, high-precision stainless steel screws, DIN125 washer, DIN6915 hexagon nuts, hexagon head thick rod half-thread bolts, sofa feet locking furniture nuts , GB5287 washers, fine-toothed hexagonal flat nuts, anti-vibration screws, external multi-tooth internal serrated external serrated gaskets, hexagonal single head, GB882 pins, accessory slider shrapnel, DIN7980 washers and other fasteners, due to product materials and specifications There are different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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Beneficial effects The commonly used nuts and bolts in the prior art are in the shape of a hexagon, the fastening surface is a regular hexagonal plane, and there are six elastic surfaces, and the adjacent elastic surfaces intersect with a straight line, and the opposite elastic surfaces are parallel to each other, In this way, the tightening operation can be easily performed with conventional tools, which is convenient and practical. However, there are some special occasions where the nuts and bolts of this structure are not suitable. Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. changed the fastening surface into a pentagon shape, and the adjacent elastic surfaces are connected by an arc angle. sex.

Supply 304 stainless steel

In the riveting connection of various structural parts, waterproof lantern rivets have been widely used in riveting environments that require waterproofing. After the riveting parts are riveted, the waterproof structure area of the mandrel and the waterproof structure of the rivet body There is no complete close fit between the areas. In some riveting ranges, the waterproof performance of the rivet is affected. The main reason is that the traditional processing technology of the mandrel and the materials used bring many troubles to the riveting process. is a problem to be solved at present.

Round head self-tapping tail screw

PT slotted screw

T-bolt with a spring, used for undercutting the opening of the outer closed cavity, including a head and a rod part connected in one piece, and also including a strip spacer, a spring and a pull rod, and the length of the strip spacer is greater than The opening, the connecting part of the head and the rod part are set as polygonal anti-rotation blocks, and the strip-shaped spacer is provided with anti-rotation holes for inserting the anti-rotation blocks, and the shape and size of the anti-rotation holes are the same as The size of the anti-rotation hole is smaller than that of the head; the spring is threadedly matched with the rod part, and is fixedly connected with the pull rod, and the pull rod moves away from the rod part along the axial direction of the rod part One side of the head extends. The utility model can be easily and reliably buckled in the opening of the airtight cavity, thereby facilitating the installation and connection of external parts.

Notched Milling Tail Coarse Thread

A crank press with bilateral transmission, such as a briquettes machine, requires 1. The rotation phase of the main shaft gears on both sides must be consistent; 2. The connection between the main shaft and the main shaft gear should be free of gaps. In order to meet this requirement, there are mainly two schemes for the connection between the main shaft and the main shaft gear. Option 1, one or both ends of the main shaft and the main shaft gear are connected by flat keys. This scheme requires that the matching clearance between the main shaft and the gear hub is small, so it is difficult to process, assemble and maintain; Option 2, one or both ends of the main shaft and the main shaft gear Using taper-sleeve connection, this solution has good performance, but high cost and poor rigidity


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