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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: plum blossom anti-theft screws, white M washers, hexagonal nuts with pads, flat head star bakelite screws, ANSI screws, aluminum alloy copper conversion nuts, thin flat head furniture screws, thick rods Bolts, natural color welding screws, head handle screws, non-standard flat washers, oblique large flat head socket head cap screws, screw screws, butterfly bolts, slider nuts and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications, the price also varies different, please contact us if necessary.

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Bolt material: 18Cr2Ni4W, 25Cr2MoV steel; bolt specification: M27~M48. Because this kind of steel is easy to form a passivation film on the surface, and this passivation film will make the bolt unable to obtain a good adhesion chemical nickel phosphorus layer, so special pretreatment measures must be taken to remove the film first, and measures should be taken To prevent its regeneration, it is possible to ensure a good bonding force between the plated coating and the substrate. At the same time, due to the large geometric size of the bolt, it increases the difficulty of nickel-phosphorus plating treatment and quality inspection of the process.

Customized iron hand screw

However, Yueluo still feels that there should be room for improvement for the screw improvement and screw that integrates stability, labor, fast and multi-function in the above two cases; for example, No. 556784 screw improvement Although the rod has the function of cutting and collecting chips, when the screw starts to screw into the object such as wood, it is hindered by the hardness of the object's tissue, so the staff still needs to exert considerable force, resulting in the lock. In the solid operation, there is still a lack of difficulty in screw-in operation; another example, new cases such as No. 289417 screw that integrates locking, stability, labor-saving, fast and multi-function, although the rod has the structural function of cutting and chip removal, it is The rod part is screwed into the middle section to the rear section of the object. Since the debris cannot be discharged, the rod part pushes the outer part of the object to the surrounding tissue of the object, so that the object expands outwards and even seriously damages the appearance of the object.

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high head steps

On the other hand, when assembling many pin installation mechanisms, one end of the pin needs to be installed into the hole or arranged in the hole, and then the other end of the pin is applied to the pin through the pin installation mechanism, so that the pin is fixed in the hole. In the hole of the hole type product. This fixing method is not only extremely inefficient. And it is not possible to install multiple pins at once. Especially when exemplified at the other end of the pin, since there is nothing to hold the pin stable when the pin enters the hole type product, when force is applied to the other end of the pin, the pin can easily bend and damage the pin. .

computer case screws

At present, with the development of my country's railway industry, many railway fastener systems involve T-bolts. The structure is shown in Figure 1. The dimensions that need to be inspected are head width A, head length B, and head straight table height. C. The height of the head slope D, the total length of the bolt E, and the major diameter of the bolt F. Due to the irregular shape of these places to be inspected, the measurement is difficult. The measurement of general measuring tools is not only slow, but also difficult to control human errors, resulting in some extreme upper limits and There are disputes and misjudgments about the size of the extreme lower limit when judging qualified and unqualified.


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