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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: gasket set combination, dish-shaped claw screw stud, national standard inch, 80 screw, four-corner screw cap, nylon anti-loose self-locking anti-skid, extension bolt, hot-dip galvanized Screws, flange nuts, iron natural color round nuts, GB55, 201 stainless steel bolts, butterfly nuts, grinder glands, C-type washers and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications, the price is also different, Please contact us if necessary.

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Today's advanced manufacturing represented by large aircraft, large power generation equipment, automobiles, high-speed trains, large ships, and large complete sets of equipment has entered an important development direction. As a result, fasteners will enter an important stage of development. High-strength bolts are used for the connection of important machinery, and repeated disassembly or various installation torque methods require extremely high-strength bolts. Therefore, the quality of its surface condition and thread accuracy will directly affect the service life and safety of the host. In order to improve the friction coefficient and avoid corrosion, seizure or sticking during use, the technical requirements stipulate that the surface should be treated with nickel phosphorus plating. The thickness of the coating is guaranteed to be within the range of 0.02 to 0.03 mm, and the coating is uniform, dense, and free of pinholes.

Production of 304 stainless steel

High-strength hexagon head bolt combination screws for steel structures, mainly used in railway and highway bridges, boiler steel structures, industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, tower and mast structures, hoisting machinery and their steel structures need to use friction-type high-strength bolt combinations for screws. It is characterized by an extra dodecagon at the end of the bolt, also known as the bolt. When installing, a special electric wrench must be used, which has two socket heads up and down, one is set on the hexagonal body of the nut, and the other is set on the decagon body of the outer hexagon screw. When tightening, apply a clockwise force to the nut, and apply an equal counterclockwise force to the dodecagon body of the bolt, so that the connecting neck between the end of the outer hexagon screw and the dodecagon body is subjected to torsion shearing until the neck is sheared. So far, the installation has come to an end. This torsion shear type high-strength outer hexagon screw is a one-time-use screw and generally cannot be removed after installation.

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Stainless steel screws, as the name suggests, must be made of stainless steel screw wire, and then screw the screw thread. Many of the properties of stainless steel screws are related to stainless steel. Taking into account the properties and organization of stainless steel, understand the properties of stainless steel materials and other aspects. Therefore, it is understood that stainless steel has good mechanical properties such as anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, etc., then stainless steel screws also have these good mechanical properties. With the increasing quality of stainless steel materials. The mechanical properties of stainless steel screws produced by the screw industry are getting better and better. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion ability, and high temperature and high pressure are getting stronger and stronger.

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Stainless steel screws do not necessarily corrode and rust, but that stainless steel screws have a stronger ability to withstand corrosion and rust than iron screws. But stainless steel screws can still rust under certain circumstances. So under what conditions are stainless steel screws prone to rust! What is the cause of rust? Stainless steel screws have better characteristics, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and strong rust resistance. But it will rust in harsh environments. For example, stainless steel screws are exposed to the sun and the wind every day under very humid conditions. Over time, it will definitely rust a little. For example, in contact with some acid-base chemicals to cause chemical reactions. cause corrosion and rust. There are also bad stainless steel screws, such as stainless steel SUS201 screws used in seawater. Due to long-term immersion, SUS201 stainless steel screws themselves are not suitable for use in salty seawater. cause corrosion and rust. For the use of marine products, it is generally recommended to use stainless steel SUS316 screws, because 316 stainless steel screws have better performance such as corrosion resistance. From the above, it can be concluded that stainless steel screws will still corrode and rust under certain circumstances. Therefore, this requires the rational use of stainless steel screws. Use stainless steel screws of different materials in different situations. And in different occasions, when using stainless steel screws, special attention is also required, and some details need to be considered more. Try to control the corrosion and rust of stainless steel screws as much as possible.


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