Supply carbon steel nickel-plated hardened countersunk head self-tapping screw flat head self-tapping screw 3/4

We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: stainless steel extra-small gasket, aircraft circuit board pads, punch press plate T-blocks, rivets big caps and caps, rivets, rivets for electric vehicle tires, GB117 yuan taper pin, multi-type carbon steel, carbon steel galvanized blind hole pressure riveting nut column, boxed screw nut, one end round and one end, chassis isolation column, manufacturer nuts, iron screws, carbon steel nickel-plated bolts, thick resin digging Fasteners such as machine washers have different prices due to different product materials and specifications. Please contact us if you need them.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

The advantage of wood screws is that the consolidation ability is stronger than that of nails, and they can be removed and replaced, which is more convenient to use without damaging the wood surface. This is a kind of nail specially designed for wood, and after entering the wood, it will be embedded in it very firmly. If the wood is not damaged, it is impossible to pull it out, and even if it is pulled out forcibly, it will bring out the nearby wood. Another point to note is that the wood screws must be screwed in with a screwdriver. Never knock them in with a hammer, as it will damage the surrounding wood. A screwdriver is a tool for loading and unloading wood screws. The shape matches the groove shape of the wood screw head, and there are two types: one-word and cross-shaped. In addition, there is a special screwdriver installed on the bow drill, which is suitable for loading and unloading large wood screws. Convenient and labor-saving. [2]

Supply carbon steel nickel plated

In the past production, gaskets were generally obtained from two channels: first, standard gaskets were mostly purchased from the market, and the cost was high; non-standard gaskets, due to the small demand, required separate tooling and molds, which were expensive and long production cycle. It is difficult to purchase; Second, the plate is purchased by the enterprise, and then the washer is formed by the automatic cutting machine. Because the cut nodules and cut marks produced by flame cutting do not meet the requirements for use, the inner and outer diameters need to be reserved 2 ~3mm machining allowance, and then finish the outer diameter and inner diameter by lathe.

Hardened countersunk head

Self-tapping screws

The cylindrical pin magnetic positioning automatic press-in mechanism includes a base, a guide block is arranged on the base, one end of the guide block is provided with a guide vertical plate, and a push-up column is arranged under the end, and the push-up column is connected with a driving mechanism to drive The mechanism is arranged inside the guide vertical plate; one side of the guide block is provided with a push plate, the end of the push plate is provided with a semicircular groove, the push plate is connected to the driving mechanism, and the driving mechanism is arranged on the base The other side of the guide block is provided with a workbench located on the base, an error-proof positioning mechanism is arranged above the workbench, a press-in mechanism is arranged above the error-proof positioning mechanism, and one side of the error-proof positioning mechanism is provided. There is an error-proof detection mechanism; the press-in mechanism includes a punch, a punch block and an upper template arranged in sequence from bottom to top, and the upper template is driven and connected with five driving mechanisms; the error-proof detection mechanism includes a fixed angle plate, a fixed angle The plate is arranged on the worktable, and the fixed angle plate is provided with a four-drive mechanism, and the four-drive mechanism is connected to the detection head.

Flat head tapping screw

Wood screws, one of which is a polished rod, the angle and pitch of the teeth of the wood screws and self-tapping are different. Self-tapping screws have high hardness, wide thread spacing, deep threads, and uneven surface, while wood screws are the opposite. Another difference is more obvious. Wood screws have no threads at the rear. Self-tapping screws are generally subject to heat treatment, and wood screws are not required. The concept of self-tapping screws is actually very general, because there are many kinds of them according to different head types. Use of wood screws: Similar to machine screws, but the thread on the screw is a special rib for wood screws, which can be directly screwed into wooden components (or parts).


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